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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Panguitch Quilt Walk Retreat with local friends

This was my first time attending the Panguitch Quilt Walk Retreat.  There were familiar faces of quilters from around the state and many new ones.  The shopping/booths were great and one even had a 50% off golden ticket hidden in a quilt kit.  No, I didn't win it.  A new $3,000 Bernina Sewing Machine was also given away.  No, I didn't win it, but I did win $20 vendor bucks to be spent at any of the venders.  I had been debating on a fat q set of Tula Pink's Everglow collection.  Check it out online - yummy and bright.  The $20 was just the motivation I needed to get it.  I will post it at a later date with some other recent purchases.  I have been a very bad girl.  

I made these three cute little farm blocks for my new grand baby coming soon.  I think they are so cute!  I also cut the rest out to be stitched back at home...a sheep, a horse, sunflowers, a bee, and a goat.

I took two bag making classes.  Because I did a little prior work at home on the green and blue bag and lots of work at home on the pink and mint bag, I left Panguitch with one finish and another one close.

I am learning a lot about zippers.  Thanks to the ladies in class, I had fun putting this zipper pocket in.  I will say, however, that I made many many mistakes on this bag that we don't need to discuss.  I can get easily irritated, but, not true to my nature, I remained calm and kept at it.  I guess maybe there has been a little self improvement over the years.

The second bag just needs the carrying strap attached and the outside edges bound.  I will show you the inside in another post.

The blue and green bag was a half day class while the other was a full day class.  In addition to classes, they had a quilt show, daily trunk shows, yummy food, and speakers.  My friends and I mostly did open sew on the other day and a half.  Here we are at open sew.  There were three more of us, but they were not here for the picture.

Amy, Brenna, Phyllis, and me.  Kalynn was off teaching a class and Deb and Brenda were taking a class.

Historical Life-Saving Quilt Walk Story:

When the Fairview Valley (later renamed Panguitch) was settled, the people planted crops of wheat.  It was too late in the planting season to reap a mature wheat harvest in the fall.  The pioneers were starving trying to survive on young wheat that could not be ground into flour.  If you click on the link above, you can watch a short video that tells the story of how the quilts and power of God saved them.

As we drove into this sweet little town, we immediately saw quilts hung all around.  These people have preserved the story of the great men and the quilts that saved the settlers.  The men are depicted as statues in a park in town as well and tours were given of homes that are still in the area.  We even attended a musical pageant that told the story.  It was touching, and the singers were so talented.

I took a few photos of one of the trunk shows.  This lady has designed fabric and patterns for Riley Blake and even been featured in a quilt magazine.


  1. It all sounds blissful! well maybe not those zippers! But love your bags and cute blocks. I also love those sheepy quilts. xx

  2. The bags are really cute and practical. The farm animal blocks are such fun. Sounds like a wonderful and productive time was had by all.

  3. Looks like you have been having loads of fun! :)

  4. Oh my, those farm animals are so cute. And I really admire sticthers who can make such nice looking bags, mine are just simple designs.

  5. The farm blocks are great, lots of fun with sheep, horses and co.
    I also particularly like your bags.
    I went from knitting to bag sewing to sewing, I've sewn an incredible number of bags, first simple small ones and then larger ones and a zipper is a must... it's great to have a bag with one or, if possible, several zippers
    to have.
    And now... I'm going to quilt. I've already made a great top and also little doilies... there's a problem with the tools. There is no table that fits my machine and I couldn't find a free motion sewing foot for free motion quilting... if I could go into this wonderful sewing room - I think I would be there every day :-))))
    I'm excited about Tula Pink... I've also worked with Tula Pink fabric... the colors are heavenly.
    Thanks for the links and the video.
    Best regards, Viola

  6. nice bags...sounds like well worth the classes...

  7. Wow. You are so lucky to be able to get away on so many retreats. I would love it. The bags you make are so good. You do such a great job. Your farmyard bocks are so cute. I just love seeing what you get made and what you are continuing to work on. Great job.

  8. Such a fabulous story of God's faithfulness and the ingenuity and faith of those pioneers all those years ago! Again, you have enjoyed another quilting retreat immersing yourself with creativity and sweet friendship. Your bags are beautiful and I love those sweet barnyard animals.

  9. A wonderful time...... Love the bags


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