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Sunday, July 21, 2024

The Rubicon Jeep Trail in California

This is not really a normal post for me because it does not involve quilting.  I did post about the hand work I did on the trail earlier.  Some of my readers husbands have an interest in the crazy things we do with our four wheel drive Toyota trucks.  Perhaps this post is for them.  For me, it is a history of wonderful time with family.

We camped near Loon Lake the night before starting the trail.  Photos are in a previous post.  Our Toyotas were packed for a three day trail trip with two night's camping on the trail.  

There were many jeeps  on the trail that were not a part of our group, but we had the opportunity to help some of them because one member of our group took a welder.  In case you are wondering, there are lots of break downs on these types of trails.  We always travel in small groups and bring extra parts and tools with us.  We intentionally go over big rocks and difficult train.  During challenging obstacles, those on the trail stand around and watch giving applause and cheers when an obstacle is conquered.

These photos are from our group.

"Bruce", the vehicle shown, is pretty popular in our group and has a history of passing from the owner that named him, to us, and then finally to our nephew.  Bruce is a jeep but has been modified with other parts.  Bruce has no doors which makes watching the tires easier.  He is missing a windshield, so the occupants wear glasses to keep bugs and such from flipping into their eyes.

"Blue" is our truck.  I like that he fully protects us from the weather inside the cab.  I like temperature controlled environments.  He needs a roll cage some day which concerns me sometimes.  I typically get out during tippy obstacles.

"Runner" belongs to my daughter's family.  Runner can hold all the kids and has a cover that can be enclosed or rolled up.  He is a beast!

This Toyota is nameless, but he is a part of our group.  He belongs to the son of our great friends!

The white Toyota belongs to our friends.  I work with her at my school and our husbands have known each other for years.

Bruce again...

We spent hours driving around lakes - beautiful!  I will say that the first day on trail we only went 3 miles in 7 hours.  You can walk faster than you can drive.  I got my steps in.

Here are some camp photos.  We drove in one day, camped, drove further the next day and then came back to camp, and drove out the last day.  Each family did a meal to feed us all.  It made packing simple.

It was so so so hot!  Because camp was at a lake, we played in the water both nights before dinner.

The Rubicon trail is located near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  It is known as America's most difficult jeep trail, but I beg to differ.  Perhaps it is because it is really quite a drive from anywhere.  Getting there on the paved road was long, winding, and involved driving up a mountain for hours.  

My brother-in-law made trophies for each of us in the group.  The children were given necklaces to give away to other children on the trail.  They were received with great smiles.  I love them!  The vehicles on the trophy are the actual ones in our group.

The children in our group were engraved special for them.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Motor home travel stitching and zoom

Super close to finishing my Rubicon/Spring Mystery. I will finish today on the road and hopefully start stitching fish blocks.

It is hard to get a good photo in the motor home. This is the last quarter. I have 10 more pieces to applique.  Sorry it is wrinkled.  I don't have access to an iron.



Zoomed yesterday. I was in and out as travel permitted. I sure enjoyed listening in with quilt friends. 

Chooky, our hostess...

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Hours and hours of hand sewing off the grid

If you look up the Rubicon Trail then you will understand where I have been off grid this past week. It is difficult jeep terrain that stock jeeps don't do. We went in Toyotas  with friends and family. No cell service,  no electricity,  no water. It was wonderful! 

My trip began driving myself over the mountain to meet up with my husband and other family. 

The top of my mountain right after leaving home is lovely this time of year.

We drove to Carson City,  Nevada the first night.

Brother in law and my grand

Driving past Lake Tahoe was beautiful.  There were so many ponderosa trees that I scarce could get a photo of the lake. 

 We stayed at the Rubicon Trail Head near Loon Lake the second night.

We hit the trail in the morning. 

We had 5 rigs in our group.  We rock crawl together all the time but never the Rubicon. 

The bench carvings at the trail head were so cool!

I hand appliqued while going over rocks for 3 days, big and small. That makes me pretty talented, needle in, wait for bumps to lessen, needle up, wait again. I learned patience  for sure. It was actually calming. My husband would tell me to keep stitching when the trail got scary.

If my stitches look like I have been on a rough road, I have.

Sunday, July 7, 2024

15 Minutes and To Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday

Last week's goals:

1. Prep all of Laundry Basket Mystery for applique'. ✅

2. Piece some of Vesta ✅
3. Prep July Vesta blocks for applique'
4. Frame Me Without You embroidery blocks ✅
I didn't want to lay it out again, but some rows are sewn together and all blocks are done except for the words block at the top. NO, I did not put the pineapple log cabin block in the middle.  I was only auditioning that look and it was a hard no.  I did make a block for that spot, though.

5. Piece $BBs ✅ mostly.  One more is getting close.

6. Piece Sydney Ferry X
7. Trace and prep Sydney Opera House block X
8. Finishing piecing orange peel blocks for Me Without You ✅
9. Do some hand work ✅
10. Tree and rr block ✅

This week's goals:

1. Hand applique'
2. Embroidery

Still 100% - yay!