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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

To Do Tuesday, Midweek Makers, 15 MIn, Wed Wait Loss

 To Do Tuesday:

Last week's goals:

1. Piece the eyes on my next quilty lady 🆇
2. Piece the back for my Christmas Row Quilt 
3.  Make the binding for my Christmas Row Quilt 
4. Cut windmill corner blocks 
5. Sew Windmill corner blocks 
6.  Wash glue out of windmill blocks and press 
7.  Assemble Windmill top 
8. Piece the lips for my next quilty lady 🆇
9. Piece two rows of Kaleidoscope Bloom 
10. Piece some Color My  World Houses 🆇

This week's goals:

1. Make 5 flower blocks - they are cut and ready to go

2.  Assemble "For the Birds" top - I have been sampling a layout for it.

3.  One more Kaleidoscope Bloom row - this is where it stands now.  I have changed my mind about setting the blocks on point.  I just got lazy about figuring out the end blocks.  Since this is a surprise/unplanned quilt and was intended to be a couple of sample blocks, I am happy to go with easy.

15 Minutes Report

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

PHD & American Patchwork and Quilting Update as well as quilt show photos

Windmill top is done and off to the quilter!

This is the 5th one I have made and will be the only one I have not quilted myself.  It goes together quickly and is pretty fun.  This one is mine to keep - yay!  It was the only one made from jelly rolls as well.  Two identical Batik jelly rolls sat in my sewing room as a decoration for a few years before I decided to use them for this project.  

Last weekend we went to a car show in Moab, Utah which happens to be a couple of hours away from us.  I brought some hand applique' and was enjoying myself doing that while lounging in the shade.  A lady asked to see what I was doing and then informed me that there was a quilt show just a short walk away.  Immediately I put my stuff away and headed out.  Not only was there a lovely quilt show, but the guild ladies of Moab also had a little trunk show in another room.  I was in heaven.  

These are photos of some of their quilts.  I will show more later so as not to overload this post more than I already have.

This first one is a legitimate original vintage quilt - hand pieced we think.

A Double Wedding Ring beautifully made...

Look at this wonderful quilt full of balloons!  I love it and have never seen anything like it before.

This one was made from a variety of borders that she just chose to put all together into one quilt.

Every quilt has a story.  I truly enjoy hearing those "stories" as you show them on your blogs or I see them in a trunk show.  A trunk show is so much more meaningful to me because of those stories whereas a quilt show is just several lovely quilts  to look at without a story from the maker.

Oh, and here is proof about being at the car show.   My sweetheart can be seen helping someone out.  

Our littlest Grand - soon to be one.

A couple more grands spending time with their cousin on the other side.

PHD update looks pretty good...

My One Monthly Goal is to finish the top for my Newfo started in April.  These must be completely finished in 2022 to earn my PHD.

For the Birds - Feb newfo is coming along nicely with most of the blocks completed.

Crazy Quilty Ladies - I plan to gradually finish those blocks each month.  They are fun but time consuming.

I like to run my PHD concurrently with One Monthly Goal and American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenges.  If I am working on anything, I am likely working on goals from all three challenges.

American Patchwork & Quilting Update

6 month's worth of goals are completed and it is only May - Yay!  

Left on the list not in any particular order are:

1.  Quilted Barns - top done

2.  Sand Dollar - complete finish

3. 5 Disney Princess Blocks

4. Piece Princess Castle - quilt and bind

5. Color My World - top done

6. Color My World - Quilt & bind

This list includes items that are crossed off are:

1. Masterpiece - top done

2. Masterpiece - quilted  & bound

3. Windmill - top done

4. Windmill - quilted & bound

5. Christmas Row - top done

6. Christmas Row - quilted & bound

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Friday Night With Friends...

It is Friday Night with Friends and I actually remembered to participate this month!

Windmill is coming together.  Perhaps I can get the top done today.  Last night was spent sewing the 20 large blocks together.  Borders are ready to attach as well minus four corner Log Cabin Blocks.  I love Saturday Sew Days at home!!

Last night I finished the last seam for the backing on my Christmas Row Quilt and drove it over to the quilter's.  Time was also spent cutting binding strips for it as well as more squares for Kaleidoscope Bloom.  I hope I can power down on that project today and make lots of blocks.

More retreat Show N Tell below. It is taking me some time to get them all posted.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

To Do Tuesday

 To Do Tuesday:

Last week's goals:

1. hand applique' all 20 circles on the Windmill blocks ✔
2. Sew another row of the Scrappy Kaleidoscope Bloom 
If the middle looks  a little wonky to you, it is because the folded inserts are not sewn down yet awaiting the next row.

3. Put borders on Christmas Row Quilt 
4. Piece watering cans in "For the Birds" quilt. ✔

I am super charged about sewing these days, so hold on for some hefty goals coming up.

This week's goals:

1. Piece the eyes on my next quilty lady
2. Piece the back for my Christmas Row Quilt
3.  Make the binding for my Christmas Row Quilt
4. Cut windmill corner blocks
5. Sew Windmill corner blocks
6.  Wash glue out of windmill blocks and press
7.  Assemble Windmill top
8. Piece the lips for my next quilty lady
9. Piece two rows of Kaleidoscope Bloom
10. Piece some Color My  World Houses

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More Retreat Photos...

Absolutely loved spending time with these ladies - new friends - long time friends, and friends I haven't seen in a long time! 

We were a little tight in two connected rooms in the basement of the lodge, but it was great!  I believe there were 24 of us.

Patty's Zebra - to die for!!

This lady sewed on these stars the entire retreat and got it done!

Carol Chiara made this lone star from the class Peggy Atwood taught at retreat.

Mariella's Quilt...

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

2011 DOD Mystery - The Story

This is the story of how this quilt and others like it came to be.  Once I finish it, I hope to some day host a similar mystery only with easier blocks.

This project was a mystery "designer" quilt challenge I hosted in 2011.  The participants each chose a theme for their own quilts and emailed me "rules" and "techniques".  I set the size parameters each month and then randomly used one of their rules and techniques.

I thought it would be fun to revisit the rules as I organize where to move next on my barns.

Rule #1 released Jan 10, 2011

SIZE:  Make a 12” finished unit.

RULE:  Make at least 4 flying geese 

TECHNIQUE:  There is no technique specified for this first time.  You can paper-piece, rotary cut, appliqué, whatever you want.

This is what I made from my own design using thread work, paper piecing, and some fabric painting.  The flying geese are in the grain silo.  They are paper pieced - very small.

Rule #2 

SIZE:  Make a 12” x 8” unit.  When this unit is finished, add it to the TOP OR THE BOTTOM of the #1 unit.

RULE: “A rectangle big enough to showcase the theme of the quilt by fussy cutting a theme fabric OR using an appliqué OR an embroidery OR a photo. "

TECHNIQUE:  Any hexagon shaped (6 sided) technique. 

My rectangle to showcase the theme was the piece that says "Bud's Moo-tel".  Bud was my grandpa, and this represents his barn.  I also appliqued a hexagon window to meet the technique.

Rule #3 
SIZE:  Make a 20” x 5” unit.  When this unit is finished add it to EITHER the RIGHT or LEFT SIDE of the quilt. 

RULE: “Use a color or fabric you would  never normally use. "

TECHNIQUE:  embroidery (hand or machine)

I used the scarecrow/sunflower large print for my "never use" fabric and hand embroidered the fence.

Rule Release #4:

SIZE: Make a section that is 17” wide by 7” tall finished  This piece needs to be made to fit on the TOP or BOTTOM of your quilt.

TECHNIQUE:  needle-turn appliqué (no machine)
Again, you don’t have to make the entire block using the needle-turn technique – only some of it.

RULE:  Make positive/negative blocks. 

My positive negative blocks were on the barn front.  They are square in a square blocks - very small.  The tree trunks are needle turn applique'.

Rule Release #5

SIZE:  27" tall by 14" wide to be added to the RIGHT or LEFT side of the quilt.

RULE:  machine pieced circle somewhere

TECHNIQUE:  thread painting/free motion MACHINE embroidery

 My moon is the circle and the tree branches are thread painting.

Rule Release #6

SIZE:  10" tall by 31" wide to be added to the TOP or BOTTOM of the quilt.

RULE:  "Place a house or cabin that fits your theme in the block, not a log cabin block but an actual building"

TECHNIQUE:  Free style machine curved piecing

My house is the mail box.  It is hard to tell in the photo, but the sewing line where green ground meets yellow sky was done with a gentle curve of piecing.

Rule Release #7
SIZE:   The next couple of rule releases combined together will now build a column to either SIDE of the project.  This portion of the column will measure 12" wide finished  and 17" tall finished.  It WILL NOT BE attached to the quilt at this time because we will join it to the other column pieces in the rules that will follow.

RULE:  "make something flat that looks 3D (example: tumbling block)"

TECHNIQUE:  There is none specified for this month.  Do what you want.

I tried to create a 3D illusion with the barn and the tall trees in front of the rows in the field.  I was going for a depth illusion as well.

Rule Release #8

SIZE:  This rule #8 will complete that column.   Make it 20" tall by 12" wide finished. Join rules 7 & 8 on top of each other according to your preference to form a column and then to either SIDE of the quilt.

Technique:  Paper Piecing technique

Rule: include the color yellow or add a flower of any sort

The yellow and the flowers are obvious.  The barn is paper pieced.  I designed it.  There are many barns around that are nearly falling down.  I was trying to portray that.

Rule Release #9

RULE:  Use different sized blocks that fit together. For instance, use a 4" finished block and 2" finished blocks as their measurements fit together easily.

TECHNIQUE:  Something 3D - it actually has to stick up on the quilt like flower petals or embellishments.  (This won't be a flat 3D like we did before.)

SIZE:  Block # 9 will go on the top or the bottom of the quilt.  This block will be the width of the quilt and 12 inches tall finished.

The 3D are the orange flowers under the run down barn.  The petals are such that you can actually run your fingers under them.

Rule Release #10

RULE: Make four disappearing 9 patches 

TECHNIQUE:  Use a folded insert technique.  See explanation at the very bottom of this post.

SIZE:  Block # 10 should be 9" tall and fit the full width of the quilt (43-1/2" wide).  We will place it on the top or bottom of the quilt.  

The folded inserts are the cross bars on the barn door (2nd barn door below).  The disappearing 9 patches are the front of the red/orange barn.  They are very small.

Rule Release #11

Rule:  incorporate one or more yo-yo into your block

Technique:  any technique you choose

Size:  We are going to build another column to go on either side of the quilt.  Block #11 will need to be 17 1/2" wide ( 17" finished) by 20 1/2" tall (20 finished).  This should bring the quilt width to the right size to fit on top of a queen-sized bed.

This is the block, but there are no yo-yos on it yet.  I think I will do bushes or flowers out of them.  They will be on the water's edge somewhere.

That's it.  That is as far as I made it.  I still need to follow rules 12-15 for a final finish.  Wish me luck in my planning!  I don't want this quilt to be large, so I may not follow the size rules exactly.

Rule Release #12

Rule:  put words in it somewhere

Technique:  I am calling this technique the "Buggy Barn" technique.  The idea comes from the way Buggy Barn patterned quilts are made.  You may use a real Buggy Barn pattern if you choose, but it would be a learning experience to try to make your own.

Size:  We are going to add to but not complete the column we started in rule 11.  Remember that this column will go on either side of the quilt.  Block #12 will need to be 17" wide by 19" tall.  You can join block #12 to the top or bottom of block #11.  

I am thinking buggy barn pine trees maybe.

Rule Release #13

Rule:  Must use 3 tones or values of the same color.

Technique:  None - use any technique you choose.

Size:  We are going to complete the column we started in rules 11 and 12.  Remember that this column will go on either side of the quilt.  Block #13 will need to be 17" wide by 19" tall.  You can join block #13 to the top or bottom of your 11/12 column. 

Rule Release #14

Rule:  Make a pinwheel

Technique:  combine a hand stitched applique with embroidery

Size:  We are going to make half of a row this month and next month we'll make the other half to complete the quilt top (minus borders).  This row will go on either the TOP or BOTTOM of the quilt.  Block #14 will need to be 30" wide by 22" tall. 
Perhaps I can make a windmill near a barn and use a pinwheel block on top of it.

Rule Release #15

Rule: "No Pink." 

Technique:  Choose any technique you favor.   

Size:  This row completion, once sewn to the TOP or BOTTOM of your quilt, will complete the quilt top -- yay!  (minus borders).  Block #15 will need to be 30 1/2" wide ( 30" finished) by 22 1/2" tall (22 finished).