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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

May Goals

 Hooray - May is here! I am exited to put some new goals down on paper and see how they pan out!

First off is my One Monthly Goal which is to assemble my Windmill quilt complete with borders.

Other May goals include:

Patchwork Times UFO Challenge # 9 - Assemble, quilt, and bind my Frog Round Robin quilt.  I think I have decided to make it baby size for our new little June arrival.

Color My World BOM May blocks - roads

Make a Monster Truck top also for our new June arrival.  I won't quilt it until school gets out in June.  I have the fabric ready to go.

Outline quilt Barnyard

Make 10 Masterpiece blocks

Sew strips together for a  Batik Windmill quilt

April Goal Recap

I like to revisit my monthly goals to see how things turned out.  Here they are for April: 

1. Twenty Masterpiece blocks 

I went from this...

to this...

2.  I want to help Mom get started on her Lakeshore Hasta quilt by Judy Niemeyer.  

We went from this...

to this...

3. Finish my Windmill top by finishing and adding the borders.

I went from this...

to this...Corner blocks still need to be made as well as assembly done

4. Patchwork Times #4 is to Quilt and bind Country Barnyard.  I got it basted, but no quilting started yet.

5. Quilt and bind Black RR

I went from this...

to a complete finish!  Yay!

6. Make the trees for Color My World.  They go between the houses.

Yes - here they are with the rest edges turned for future trees in the circle...

7. 4-6 Omigosh blocks -NOPE NOTTA ZILCH

350 Blocks Challenge - April

 I am participating in the 350 blocks challenge by Prairie Moon this year.

April blocks made:  68

Total YTD:  161

 22 - Windmill Border Blocks

20 - Masterpiece Block (narrow strip squares)

18 - Lakeshore Hasta

4 - Color My World house blocks

4 - Diamond Hill applique blocks

Here are the border blocks I finished for Windmill!  This one is just so close to becoming a Flimsy!  I hope to finish it in May.

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

I Like Thursday #33

 Another week has passed,  and it was great. 

We went jeeping in beautiful Moab!  This trail is called Steel Bender, well, this is the end of it after all the obstacles.  I just thought it was beautiful.

The photo below doesn't look like much, but my husband nearly tipped the truck over on its side - super steep!

My friend Hazel died.  She was 92 and still serving others. It was a privilege to be asked to give a tribute at her funeral. 

They gave her a fireman's last call because back in the day she was one of our town's first fire fighters.  She owned a store across the street from the fire station.  The truck in the photo was the actual one she learned to drive, restored now  It would only move 25 mph, so she would go ring the siren and take the truck out to the fire while the women gathered the men in from the fields. One person who spoke at the funeral said she was a landmark, and she was.  I miss her, but I am happy that she can be free of her aged body.

They took her body to the cemetery in the fire truck - what a tribute!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

To Do

 To Do Tuesday Report

Last week's To Do:

1. Bind Memory Round Robin ✔

2. Baste Barnyard / Almost

3. Begin quilting Barnyard NOPE

This week's To Do Plan

1. Outline quilt Barnyard

2. Turn edges on the tree applique for Color My World

3. Add pieces to my Windmill borders

4. Sew some jelly roll strips together for my Batik Windmill

15 minutes

15 Minutes to Stitch Report

I had a good week of sewing. 

I have a complete finish.  Black Memory Round Robin is on the done list... hooray! I will post a photo tomorrow.  I didn't get one before leaving for work today. 

I also got out my Batik jelly rolls and made a plan for another Windmill Quilt. 

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

To Do

To Do Tuesday - Last week's goal progress:

Quilt Black Memory Round Robin ✔

I just did loops and simple outlining.  It is nothing special but done.

Baste Barnyard - nope, but I pieced the back and loaded it on the frames.

Bind Black Memory - nope.  It wasn't quilted yet.

This week's To Do:

1. Bind Memory Round Robin

2. Baste Barnyard

3. Begin quilting Barnyard

Here is the back I pieced for it from leftover blocks.

I Like Thursday #32

The best moments from this past week were:

Best Sign EVER was discovered on my lawn after work this week!

I also got to see all of my grands.  

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

I Like Thursday #31

 Sorry I missed a Thursday.  I guess I was too tired that night and then the days just sped by after that.

Great things happened in my world last week and good memories were created. 

My hubby and I went for a nice hike over spring break.  It was exhilarating. 

I was able to attend my grand's first dance recital.  Daughter was the teacher... so cute and fun! 

I organized a girls weekend with Mom,  my sisters,  sisters in law, and their daughters. I also brought a friend who just recently lost her husband to an unexpected heart attack.  We all had a grand time bowling,  playing croquet, lazer tag,  ropes course, shopping center scavenger hunt,  and games back at the hotel.  My intentions were to help the young married cousins to have experiences together to help them form relationships that will keep the extended family close for generations.  It was a success. 
Me at the Walmart scavenger hunt... We had to find random things without running.  We also had to stay with our cart. We had to find something rainbow,  something in another customer's car,  something slimy,  cereal with the word nut in it, brand that starts with K, something no one has ever heard of,  the lowest priced item,  and other things. 
At the end of the race we switched carts and race to return the items.  We had to take pictures to prove it was back in the right place. 

We had to photograph a random customer's cart and then go find something in that cart. 
This was our random cart.  We found the ranch dressing. 

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