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Monday, October 25, 2021

To Do Tuesday and other linkies

 Last week's list went well:

1.  Finish quilting Feathered Goose.  ✔

2.  Attach the binding to Feathered Goose  

3. Sew one more row in Sweet N Simple.   

4.  Make one or two windmill blocks. X

This week's goals:

1. Make the last Sweet and Simple row. I have one out of 6 blocks done.  There are so many tiny pieces.

2. Add a hanging sleeve to my son's horse quilt.  It has been done for a few years, but he wants it hung at the wedding, so I took the top binding out to add a hanging sleeve.  The silhouettes are real photos of my son.

Sleeve is caught in the binding.  I need to hand stitch the binding down and also the bottom edge of the sleeve.

I am linking up with:

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

To Do Tuesday!

Yay.  Hopefully I am back to setting goals again.  For this week I hope to:

1.  Finish quilting Feathered Goose.  It is very close.

2.  Attach the binding to Feathered Goose

3. Sew one more row in Sweet N Simple.  I added the apples last week. It is all cut out, so I think I can do it.

4.  Make one or two windmill blocks.

I am linking up with:

To Do Tuesday.

Monday Making

Design Wall Monday

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Busy Busy! Been Blogger MIA

I have been Missing in Action for almost two months, but I am finally ready to get back into blogging.  

Let's start off with some exciting news in my neck of the woods:  my son is getting married!!  We are super excited to accept a daughter-in-law into our family in November.

The engagement was pretty incredible.  He took her on a 3 hour horse ride ending at a beautiful spot on top of a cliff where he proposed. 


We had prearranged my husband's sister to hide behind a tree and take pictures to capture the moment.  

It was quite an ordeal to set everything up.  We went a day ahead of the couple to create a welcoming display on top of the cliff as you can see from the photos.  My parents came as well because Dad brought his horse and buggy for a romantic exit ride through a beautiful canyon.  

Mom, Dad, and I were able to hide below the cliff and watch it all from afar.  My husband hiked to the next ridge over and saw it from a side view.  After the proposal, my husband yelled across the canyon, "Did she say yes?"  She answered him back, "I said yes!"  It was all a fantastic memory!

So now we are happily planning a November wedding!

Friday, August 6, 2021

I Like Thursday #40!

Sorry to be late.  I was gone all day yesterday taking my little 3 year old grand out on her birthday trip with Grandma.  We went to the pool.  She and her brothers are moving 9 hours drive away and I am so sad to say good-bye.

I attended a retreat for work on Tuesday and had a great time.  We were put into random groups and had to photograph ourselves doing weird things such as tap dancing, yoga, on a boat, racing a stranger, etc...  I was nominated to ask a stranger to give me a piggy back ride.  HELLO - EMBARASSING!  I did it though.

Here is me on the back of a woman who served our meals at the retreat.  I don't even know her name.  We are both smiling though.  Doesn't the photo make you feel like we are lifelong friends having a great day?

I challenge you to make a stranger smile this week, but you don't have to ride piggy back!

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To Do Tuesday:

I didn't get To Do Tuesday posted this week, but I wanted to share my goal progress and set new ones anyway.

Last week's goals:

1. Some Windmill cutting ✔ - Yes more than half is cut

2. Some Road paper piecing - ✔ - Yes - they are done in fact

3. Piece the backing for Feathered Goose - ✔ - Yes, basted even and quilting has begun.

4. Piece two Masterpiece blocks ✔ - Yes

5. Fix Black border corners of  Diamond Hill ✔ - Yes

6. Sew binding strips for Feathered Goose ✔ - Yes

This week's goals:

1. Finish quilting Windmill

2. Make binding for Windmill

3. Attach binding for Windmill

4. Some Feathered Goose quilting

5. Make two Windmill Batik blocks

6. Make two houses

7. Piece some Masterpiece blocks

8. Work one hour per day on getting ready for school

Monday, August 2, 2021

August - no no - Wish it were June instead!

The beginning of August is wonderful because it is still summer break for a teacher, but my three more weeks of freedom will pass too soon.  I love my lazy summer days with so much freedom with my time.  Does that make me close to being ready for retirement?  Too bad, I have several more years left in me.

August One Monthly Goal will be the same as my American Patchwork and Quilting PHD #10 which is to finish my Sweet and Simple top.  There are six rows total and three are done.  All of the pieces are cut and ready, so I really think it is doable.

Other goals for August will be:

Make 22 Masterpiece Blocks to finish the dashed looking section.

Make 8 House blocks for Color My World

Make the binding for Pastel Windmill

Finish quilting Pastel Windmill

Continue quilting Feathered Goose

Make a few more Batik Windmill blocks

Saturday, July 31, 2021

350 Blocks Challenge, July progress, and One Monthly Goal

One Monthly Goal is complete - yippee!  Another quilt crossed off the list.  This one will be for my son when he gets married. He picked the colors too.

Here is a link back to my original post.

July was good to me in the sewing room.  Every goal on my July list was met.  July was by far my most productive month yet this year and will likely be for the rest.

I am participating in the 350 blocks challenge by Prairie Moon this year.

July blocks made:  85

Total YTD:  275

 30 - Feathered Goose Blocks and a completed top!

24 Road blocks for Color My World

8 Houses for Color My World

22 Masterpiece blocks

3 Windmill blocks