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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Pieceful Country is about ready to be assembled.

I have spent the past two evenings after work trying to decide on a layout for my Pieceful Country Quilt.  While I have not yet decided, I have narrowed it down.

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I have been making houses...

I love houses in quilts.  My Pieceful Country quilt needs a few houses in the bottom border so I went ahead and made them from another Buggy Barn pattern I had.  If you are going to cut a few Buggy Barn blocks you may as well cut a whole stack so I did...4 for Pieceful Country and the rest to make a cute house quilt next year.

Past week: 6/7
September: 13/16
2018: 211/258

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

2 bags to match a quilt

I have a couple of 3rd Quarter Finish Along finishes.  

Here is a link back to my original goal list.

I made two bags for baby girl that match her quilt.

The hat was crocheted by my daughter's friend.  Isn't it cute?
My other daughter made the bows in the bottle.  

I also got baby girl's blanket bound - yay!  I made it before she came!  Click here to see the quilt before the binding was done.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Two crocheted...

I was able to get two small quilts quilted this weekend and attach the bindings by machine.  I still have hand binding to do.

I also finished the crochet edge on this burp cloth and blanket for my new grand daughter.  She should be arriving within the next couple of weeks.

Life is so good!

All three of these quilts are on my 3rd Quarter Finish Along List.  The crocheted one is complete!

Here is a link back to my original goal list.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Baby cowgirl

Baby girl's cowgirl top is done.  It is longer than I would like so I may cut down on the striped ends or take out a row of squares.  I have not yet decided.  I may just leave it too because it will better fit a small child's bed when she is a little bigger.  I think it would be a fun quilt for a little girl.

I bought much of this fabric online for only $5 a yard, and it is so cute!  I got lucky that the pinks and browns matched because they did not all come from the same collection.  I added to it from fabric in my local quilt shop because they had the same Riley Blake coordinates in different pieces.  I plan to make two bags for my baby girl out of the same fabrics.

I also prepared the back and got it all pressed.  Once my horse quilt is basted and off the frames, this one will be going on.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Sweet Land of Liberty August Work LInky

I mostly completed my August Sweet Land of Liberty that I changed to "Pieceful Country".  Man do I love the room for creativity and individualism in this project!  I have been able to really make it my own through the group's guidance.  I would do another group like this again in a heart beat!

I really went off on my own with the embroidery and Statue of Liberty blocks.  I combined them into one applique'/embroidery project that is very country.  I love it!  The blue section will be trimmed down to size once I decide exactly where I want it to go in the quilt.  I still have small amounts of embroidery to finish on this block.  The pattern came from a Buggy Barn book I had at home.

I made the wonky stars as per the instructions. 

I also pretty much did the log cabin block with the bird applique' although my bird is a little more country.

I purposely omitted the flag as it doesn't go with the style of my quilt.

Here are all the blocks together...

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One Monthly Goal is for baby girl

My One Monthly Goal for September is to finish piecing, quilt, and bind a baby quilt for my new grand daughter who arrives the end of the month or early October.  She will be living on a ranch most of her life with dogs, horses, and cows, so I thought this pattern would be very fitting.

The machine blanket stitch applique' is complete and so are the other main units.  It needs rick rack and borders before I start quilting.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Horse are all in the barn!

I just finished my horse top today!  Yay!  My grand babies will love it!

I made this Buggy Barn quilt pattern completely from a Lily and Loom fat quarter bundle I ordered from Craftsy.  I did have to throw in one red and buy a little bit more turquoise for borders.  This is probably the first quilt I have ever made almost entirely from a fat quarter bundle that actually went together.  I wanted fun colors for kids but no "girly" colors.  This one can be gender neutral.

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One Monthly Goal is complete!

I completed my One Monthly Goal for August.  I should have posted earlier because it has been done for a few weeks.  This was also my #3 that was drawn in Patchwork Times UFO challenge.  It was also on my 18 in 2018 list hosted by Lynette at What a Hoot Quilts.

I finished stitching down the last flower on the second corner.  I also glue basted all the flowers for the third border.  Yay!  Little by little I am getting this hand applique' done.  I hope to have all four corners done this year.

Here is a link back to my original goal.

As for my other goals in August, here is a report on how I did.  I only finished about half because school started.  I always underestimate what I can accomplish while working full time.  It has been a busy two weeks, and I am too tired to sew much when I get home.

1.  Complete my Round Robin for August  DONE

2.  Sew my tree blocks - NOT TOUCHED

3.  NOT TOUCHED...Assemble my second Bear Paw Quilt once the trees are complete.  This is a sketch of what it will look like.

4.  Bind a quilt for a friend  DONE even though I don't have a photo finish

5.  DONE  Piece and Assemble my horse quilt

6.  NOT DONE Quilt the horse quilt.
7.  DONE  Complete a Fisherman Fred block for my Pieceful Country quilt

8.  DONE  Complete August's Pieceful Country section

9.  NOT DONE BUT CLOSE...Piece a baby quilt for my daughter's new baby coming in September

10.  NOT TOUCHED...Finish quilting and bind Mariella's Quilt

Sunday, August 19, 2018

15 Min to Stitch and To Do Tuesday

15 Minutes to Stitch

Days this week:  6/7
Days this month:  16/19
Days in 2018:  187/231
To Do Tuesday:

Last week's  goals:

  • Get my class website ready for school that starts next week
  • Applique' eyes on my horse quilt - the applique' is fused but not stitched
  • Quilt the horse quilt
  • Applique' baby cowgirl - the applique is fused but not stitched
  • Finish the baby cowgirl quilt top
  • Finish quilting and bind Mariella's quilt
  • Sew some Buggy Barn house blocks - I started the houses but didn't get very far

It doesn't look like I did very much, and while I could have done more, I did sew quite a bit.  I took leftover pieces and sewed them together to put on the back of the horse quilt and made bee blocks (pictured in an earlier post).  

I have been sewing these Buggy Barn pattern quilts with a friend.  We do it together when timing suits us.  I didn't expect to start the bees this week but am glad I did. 

I also started to assemble the house blocks.  The roof sections are done.  Some of these blocks will go in my Pieceful Country Quilt.

This week's goals:

  • I plan to get out the Bernina and blanket stitch around the applique' pieces on the bees, horses, and baby cowgirl quilts all at once this week.  Normally I sew on my Juki which only does a straight stitch. 
  • I hope I really finish quilting and binding Mariella's quilt.  This has been my goal all month but I haven't felt like machine quilting.
  • Prepare a back and baste the horse quilt
  • Quilt the Horse quilt
  • Assemble the cowgirl baby quilt
  • Finish piecing my house blocks
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Horses and Flowers and Bees, Oh My!

I am having a blast making Buggy Barn Patterns!  The horses have eyes and nostrils fused on, and I got my bees all ready for the machine applique' as well. They are so cute!  The bees will go in a quilt with some of the flowers in the last photo.

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