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Thursday, July 19, 2018

One for baby and one for friend...

I was able to get two simple tops put together at my little family quilt retreat.  I haven't decided who will get the yellow and pink baby quilt.  My daughter is getting a girl in two months and her cousin is also getting a girl in November.  One of them will receive this.  I plan to add a back and crochet around the edge.  It was just made from leftovers.

I also finished the top for my Christmas Priceless Quilter's swap.   Yay!  I am done early.  Now I just need to baste, quilt, and bind.  I made one like it last year with a different colored border.

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Lil' Family Quilt Retreat

I am not home yet but wanted to take a minute and show some fun things we made at our two day quilt retreat.

We all made bags.  Felicity made the big red and blue one, Deb made the cute little pink/black ones and the large red/black one.  I made the colorful ones in all three sizes.  Sandra started a big bag in black and bright colors.  I didn't get a photo, but it is so cute.  Deb also is well on her way to finishing several  more bags for Christmas that I didn't photo graph.  I love the photograph with the horse in the background.  This is my brother's front yard view.

My little Nephew was outside working along side his dad most of the day - hence the dirty face.  He is so sweet and cute.  He came in for a little while and quietly crafted with paper and pencils and duct tape.  He is pretty quiet and we didn't even notice that he was making a bag too.

I also worked on my blocks for my Pieceful Country Quilt month 7.  You can see the stars in progress.  I also made a couple of fish blocks and basket blocks that I will post tomorrow.

On the table you can also see a Batik bag Deb was working on.

Felicity finished the final blocks in her scrappy country quilt.  I love it!

The best part was the amazing company and spending time with my family.  We had visits with my brother's family, sister and family, and parents.  I love them all!  It was so nice to catch up.

I will be seeing everyone again this week because my SON COMES HOME after being gone for two years!  I have missed him so much.  We will have a grand reunion with my immediate family at the airport and then a Sunday together at church and home for food and visiting.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pieceful Country Month 6

I finally got month 6 mostly done for my Pieceful Country.  As usual, I made some changes from the original pattern.  I chose a lazy version of the Snail's Trail block by removing the checkerboard center and replacing it with a solid square.  I did not make the heart block because I don't favor hearts, and the checkerboard block with stars in the corner may end up in this quilt later.  Instead of the tree with the couple standing by it, I chose to string a little quilt on a line between two trees.  I have not yet embroidered the line, but I will.  Since my quilt is not red, white, and blue like the others I may as well go all out on the change in theme.  I feel the original quilt is so busy and am choosing to add more white space to mine.  The tree section does that.  

I still may put a churn dash type frame around the tree section.  I am waiting to see how it fits in with the blocks that go to the right.

I am also still playing with layout options.  I like this one but am not sewing units together until they are all made in case I want to make changes.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

To Do Tuesday

It is To Do Tuesday once again and I have some goals I want to post for this week.

I am headed to a little quilt retreat with family and a friend for the weekend.  I am taking the following projects with me in hopes of progressing on them:

1.  3 bags for myself:  a small, medium, and large all out of the same fabrics.  The other quilters are making bags too so I hope to post photos of theirs when they are all done.

2.  Mariella's quilt:  I hope to get the top done because it is small and simple

3.  Assemble a quilt top for my new grand baby who should be arriving the end of September.

4.  Work on blocks for my July Pieceful Country QAL.  It is hosted by Humble Quilts and is actually a Folk Art style Americana quilt that I am changing up with different colors and a few different blocks.  Here is a link to what we are supposed to be making.

I plan to make a Fisherman Fred, some fish blocks, 6 star blocks, and a basket with a flower and birds. 

I have been a week behind on this QAL the entire time and hope I can be ahead for once. 

3rd Quarter Finish Along Goals

It is time to set finish goals for 3rd Quarter over at She Can Quilt.  Since I don't know exactly what I will be working on I generally make the list larger than is possible and choose to be happy with whatever I do get done.  Here goes...

1.  Chicks in the Garden - it is currently basted and quilting has begun.  Sadly my thread keeps breaking or I would have had it done yesterday.  I get bored fast when that happens.

2.  Quilt and Bind Sweet Cherry Orange - it is basted and ready to begin

3.  Mariella's Gift quilt - half of the pieces are cut

4.  Bear Paw Log Cabin - it is basted

5.  Quilter's Garden

6.  Mom's Quilter's Garden

7.  Crazy Busy Bees - flowers are made and bees are cut

8.  Horses Poker Run - horses are cut and wrapped in Press N Seal to keep them in order.  I won't start this one until the bees are done.

9.  Make three bags for myself - pieces are cut and ready to get started

10.  Crochet around the edge of two blankets for my new grand daughter due to arrive the end of September.  One of them needs to be sewn together first.

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Chicks in the Garden is a Flimsy!

I finished the border on this fun little quilt and am in the process of piecing a back for it.  

I also got Sweet Cherry Orange on the frames and  a start on the basting.

15 Minutes to Stitch Check UP:

This week 5/7
This month 5/8
This year 157/188

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

A flimsy that has been waiting for 16 years!

Sliced Snow Globe is a Flimsy!  I am more excited about this quilt than any one I have done in some time.  Those houses took me forever and motivation to do them was slow.  I am tucking it away until next year to quilt.  

I also cut out the bees that will go with my flowers.  Trust me,  They look pretty cute with eyes and a smile as shown in the pattern book.  I will be doing a quilt retreat next weekend where we will work on these.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Report on my wonderful trip visiting family last week!

I have returned so refreshed from my visits with family this past week!  No one in my family lives close to me, so I have to road trip to see them.  In my travels I visited my parents, brother's family, and both of my sister's families.  I also visited a cousin and both of my daughters and grand babies.  I have one other brother, and I visited his wife and daughter last week.  

I also have some quilt progress to show.

Sliced Snow Globe is almost a Flimsy!  I plan to finish it today!

I helped my sister start a heart quilt.  I mostly just cut a little and pressed for her on the last morning I was there.  She is making this for her in-laws to tie and give to the next niece/nephew that gets married.   

She also inspired me so much with her bathroom remodel.  She took these oak cabinets that were a bit dated and put a gel stain on them.  I fell in love and plan to do the same to my bathrooms.  

I also made the bird blocks that go with my flowers. This is called Chicks in the Garden.  It is a crazy bright quilt, but I love it.  

I am a bit sad that the beaks don't show up.  I didn't do a good job of picking them.

While visiting my cousin, I fell in love with a quilt on her design wall and came straight home to rummage through my stash to make one for myself.  Below is her quilt and the fabric I found to make the main blocks with.  

The best part of coming home was to a finished house.  Our home had cream colored siding that had holes all over it due to a hale storm.  We have since done stucco and rock.  I just LOVE IT!  We are saving to remove and put on a new deck, so please look beyond the ugly deck for now.  The trim (facia) that goes next to the roof is not complete yet either.  

Can I just add that it is super stressful picking stucco colors and rock.  You just hope so much that it all matches and looks good when you are done.  In spite of my worries, I am more pleased with our choice that I ever imagined.  I LOVE IT!  It is also hard to decide where to put the rock.  Our house can be seen from three sides, so we felt we needed to do the front and sides but not the back with rock.  

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July One Monthly Goal

July is here and half of 2018 is gone.  I LOVE July and especially this July because my son, who I have not seen for two years, is coming home.  He has been in Germany on a church mission.  His best friend just returned from his mission last night and I cried when I visited him.  It will be a grand reunion!

My One Monthly Goal is to piece and quilt a small one for a friend's Christmas present.  Yes, Christmas in July it will be.  I have not yet even cut a piece of fabric for it, but it will be a red, yellow, and blue version of this quilt.

I did finish my One Monthly goal for June but forgot to link up.  Oh well. 

I always have other goals as well.  I am going to list them, but I am not going to push super hard to really get them all done.  If I do, I do.  If I don't, I don't. It is more of a wish list because I want to spend some time with my son and do some house work.

1.  I want to paint both of my bathrooms.  The paint is beginning to peel and needs a refresh.

2.  I want to stain the bathroom cabinet in the back bathroom.  If I like it, I will do the main bathroom.  Now, I don't even like doing this kind of work, but I visited my sister last week and fell in love with what she had done to hers.  It inspired me.  I ordered the product just yesterday.  

3.  Complete my Sliced Quilt top.  I finished the last paper pieced house just days ago and began assembly.  I have now renamed it the "Snow Globe Sliced Quilt".  I know I can do this goal because it only needs four squares of fabric added to the four corners.

4.  Quilt and bind Sweet Cherry Orange.  This was a Stashbee Quilt.

5.  Complete my Chicks in the Garden quilt top.  I know it is wild and bright, but I like it.

6.  Quilt & bind Chicks in the Garden

7.  Cut the bees to go with the flowers I made last month

8.  Sew the trees and assemble my Bear Paw Quilt.

9.  Keep up with Block Lotto comments as I am hosting this month.  Here are the blocks we are making.  

10.  Keep up with my family round robin.  I just returned home with it yesterday.

11.  Add my June section to Pieceful Country