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Monday, November 30, 2020

Friday, November 27, 2020

MARIE: Two Quilts Finished

Thanks to DEANA for giving me the courage to make a New York Beauty Quilt, we started our quilts in January 2019, so it has taken me a while to finish this quilt. I have worked on other quilts during that time too, so I’m not as slow as it seems.  I love the quilt, but now that it is finished, I am wanting to make another one in a different color scheme.  I quilted it on my domestic sewing machine.

Last month I finished this pinwheel quilt.  It was a fun and easy quilt to work on while I was making the NYB.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

I Like Thursday #14

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Sorry, the photos are not too good this week,

This week's likes:

1. Zoom Story Time with my grands

I have done it twice in the last week, and the kids have really enjoyed it.  I hope to continue on a regular basis.

Here is one of the stories they favored...

2. New quilting rulers arrived in the mail!  I really like to buy Westalee rulers because they sell them thinner for low shank machines like mine.  I just cannot use a 1/4" ruler around the back of my hopping foot.  Westalee also sells rulers in the normal 1/4" as well.  Getting these babies in the mail gets me excited to use them!

I bought a wreath pattern in two sizes.

I thought I would try out echo guides.

Here is a sample of a border I created tonight using the flower shaped rulers.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

To Do Tuesday

 To Do Tuesday:

Last week's goals went very well.  I set them high and checked a few off.

1. Quilt Block Lotto Quilt 

Normally I like to quilt the heck out of a quilt.  I like lots of tight quilting.  I opted for simple on this one because I just really wanted it done.

This is the back.

2. Bind Block Lotto Quilt X

3. Do all light blue blanket stitch on Garden Party 

4. Do all cream blanket stitch on Garden Party and Turkey border stars 

5. Finish green leaf glue basting on Diamond Hill ✔

This week's goals:

1.  blanket stitch all pink, red, and dark blue on Garden Party

2. Glue baste one red flower in Diamond Hill

3.  Bind Block Lotto

4. Quilt Barnyard quilt

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

15 Minutes to Stitch and PHD Update

A few quilt blogger groups keep me accountable to my overall goals.  That is why I enjoy joining up with them weekly.

15 Minutes to Stitch

I am pleased at my 15 Min to Stitch numbers for 2020.  To be at 90% is a bit higher than I had anticipated yet certainly what I would have hoped for.  A few minutes a day really adds up to some projects getting finished.

PHD Update

I have two Newfos that will not get finished this year.  Because one of the PHD rules is to finish any new starts, I know I won't make it.  Going bust on my PHD does not discourage me though.  I am forging forward to get as many UFOs done as I possibly can in the next few weeks.  Block Lotto will be finished this week, and I have 5 tops basted and ready to quilt.

What have I been working on in November?  Answer:  the yellow areas.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Glue Basting Progress

 This poor border for Diamond Hill has been waiting for years to be glue basted.  Thanks to goal setting and achieving, I can say that the green is done.  I am very close now with just bits of black and red flowers left.

I have also made a plan for and begun quilting on Block Lotto.

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

I like Thursday #13

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 Since this is my 13th post, I am glad that Friday the 13th isn't until tomorrow.  My mother says that my paternal grandmother was superstitious.  I am NOT.  Are you?  Do you know anyone who is?

This week's likes:

1. The first snow of the season.  

Sorry, I didn't take pictures.  It was so so beautiful but kept me home last Sunday when the twins were blessed.  The pass over the mountain was just too scary.  The good news is that I got to zoom in.  Because of Covid, many did which helps to keep my little ones safer.

2. Thanksmas back home.  

Yes, our family did get together to celebrate the two holidays before the real holidays.  It was our first time and will now be an annual activity.  We had a shotgun shoot, beat up a pinata, fish pond for the kids, gift exchange game, nerf gun war, and a quilt selection thing at mom's house.

Mom has made quilts for all of her married grandchildren.  Only 6 out of 21 grand children are currently married, but mom wanted the others to choose their quilt for when they wed in the future.  The youngest grandchildren are 8.  Mom struggles to sew now that she has dementia.  It has taken her years to make these 21 quilts and many many more, and I have machine quilted many of them for her.  As the quilts came out, I could tell each of their stories.  I remembered buying fabric with my mom, designing blocks for her, calculating yardage for her, sewing with her, and so so much more.  Dad wants me to write the quilt stories, and so I will.

P.S. Mom would kill me if she new her face was online.  She hates getting her picture taken.

"A" chose this one.  I quilted it for Mom. "A" is super special to our family because she was adopted by my brother and sister-in-law. A young mother hand picked them to become her parents and they were not even looking to adopt. They already had 3 children of their own. A truly came to us from God. We love her.

"T" automatically gets this one.  When he was about 4, he went to the fabric store with Mom.  She was packing around bolts of fabric, so he chose one to pack around too.  He really liked it, and it went with what she was picking out so she bought it.  It just always stuck as his quilt after that.

Mom chose a log cabin pattern from a book she gave us all for Christmas one year. We have talked of making a quilt from the book together but have not yet.  Perhaps 2021 will see that happen. 
Mom hand quilted this one recently. 

"P" gets this.  It was a round robin where many of us in the family along with some friends made a block.  Mom isn't quite done hand quilting it yet. She can still do that beautifully. 
I made the large watering can block in the center with a crow on it.

"A" chose this one.  It was a double wedding ring we did as a family  and friend round robin years ago.  It is beautifully hand quilted by Mom.  As it was folded neatly on the couch, no one chose it. Once it was opened and I told its story, "A" spoke for it immediately. 

I had to leave after these were sorted out, but I will try to gather the other photos and tell the stories they hold in later posts.

How were the quilts selected?  Each grand was able to put their name on two choices. Where there were multiple people wanting the same quilt, a name was randomly drawn.

3.  Honestly, I love that I get to go to school 5 days a week and mingle among the youth.  It gets me through those depressing days that linger every now and again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

15 Min and To Do Tuesday - week 2 November

 To Do Tuesday:

Last week's goals went very well.  I set them high and checked a few off.

1. Quilt Trail Mix ✔

2. Bind Trail Mix 

3. Do all of the black blanket stitch on Garden Party 

4. Do all of the blue blanket stitch on Garden Party 

5. Glue Baste the leaves on Diamond Hill / half done

6. Trace stars onto fusible for Tom Turkey border 

I did more and got them fused as well.

This week's goals:

1. Quilt Block Lotto Quilt

2. Bind Block Lotto Quilt

3. Do all red blanket stitch on Garden Party

4. Do all cream blanket stitch on Garden Party and Turkey border stars

5. Finish green leaf glue basting on Diamond Hill

15 Minutes to Stitch Report:

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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Trail Mix is quilted finally!

 There is nothing fancy about the quilting, but  it is done.  This was my ruler learning quilt.  I have used rulers many times before, but I used some new ones for the first time on this quilt.  I particularly enjoyed the circles.

Now to make the binding and attach it.  It is kind of funny I have a quilt done without a binding ready because I have a stack of 10 bindings rolled and ready for 10 other quilts that are not in need of one yet.

I like Thursday #12

 This week's likes were:

Watching my son train horses was a definite high this past week. In one day he trained one horse to lead as well as rode her.  I am telling you that it takes an experienced trainer to do that.  The horse was smart and willing to learn as well.  My son also rode four other horses that had never been ridden before.  They were all calm, and training happened without incidence or bucking.

The horses he was working with were rescued from the slaughter house.  They come from great breeding though.  The stallion they are out of was a million dollar race horse.

I also enjoyed helping my husband fix up our new to us trailer.  We have been painting and fixing.  We tore out the old oil stained carpet and put a fun finish on the floor.  It has a Denver Broncos look to it.

This will be a multipurpose trailer.  We use it to haul our race car, jeeps, motorcycles etc.  When we get to where we're going, we pull out the vehicle and use it for a camp trailer. We can set up a kitchen on one end and a bedroom on the other.  We can raise or lower the bed mattress to the height we want even and can even do bunk beds.

I had to take the cupboard doors inside to finish painting them because it got dark outside.

I have also been quilting away on Trail Mix.  It is nearly done!

I hope you can find something positive about this week in spite of the chaos with the election.    

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Monday Linkies, 15 Minutes, and To Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday:

I made a pretty good sized list for this week:

1. Quilt Trail Mix

It is under the machine now.  I did a small amount yesterday.

2. Bind Trail Mix

3. Do all of the black blanket stitch on Garden Party

This one is almost done...just a few more blocks with black in them

4. Do all of the blue blanket stitch on Garden Party

5. Glue Baste the leaves on Diamond Hill 

6. Trace stars onto fusible for Tom Turkey border

15 Minutes to Stitch Report:

I am pleased with these numbers!

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