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Sunday, September 17, 2023

A little more sewing...a little less work

 Yay, this week was the first week since school started that I was able to come home on time for a couple of days.  I am finally getting my head above water.

So, some sewing happened which made my whole week.

I made these 4 cute little dresdon plates.  They are always fun!

Here you can see which blocks they will go with.  Basically I am making 4 quilts in 4 different color combos.


Country Rose


I completed one more Celestial Star - not my favorite.  I am keeping it though because it was too much work to not keep it.  I just didn't pick the fabrics well.  I figure it will help my faves to shine.

Swap blocks I made for other people.

Oh, and look at these lovelies a friend of mine made for me in trade for finishing a BOM for her.  I love them so much!  I am still undecided on how I want to assemble them into a quilt.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Last week

 Well, mostly I just worked hard at work helping my kiddos learn to math and create things digitally.

Here are a few things that happened in the sewing room.

Crazy Quilty Ladies is quilted and bound.

Most of the fabric came from my stash.  I had been saving the measuring tape fabric just for this border, though.  The little scissors and stars came from a kit I bought to make a lovely little sewing quilt.  There were so many tiny little pieces in every block that I am choosing to not make the original kit.  Since the stars and scissors were already cut, here they ended up.  It was meant to be.  As for the remainder of the kit fabric, I plan to use those lovely pieces (layer cake plus yardage) to make my Brimfield Quilt at some point.

I really love these ladies and plan to enjoy their company in my sewing room. 






This lovely low volume quilt is quilted and bound as well.

It is fun to roll the finished quilts and stack them for a photo.

Celestial Stars made some progress. This is a rough place to end on it, but you get the idea.

One round robin block was made and mailed.

I also enjoyed a short zoom session with my international friends.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

August - mostly sewing for others

 A few things did happen in the sewing room in August, but they were mostly for block swaps.  Hopefully I can find time to get a post out soon on a few other things I managed.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

One Monthly Goal

 July One Monthly Goal: (didn't get it linked up in time)

Yes, I did it!  Color My World is complete with binding and hanging sleeve!  I absolutely love it!!!  My quilt fairy really embellished it with beautiful free motion stitching!

Here is a link back to my original One Monthly Goal Post.

August's One Monthly Goal:

Getting all of the hanging sleeves on my finished quilts is my goal for August.  They are pinned and ready for the machine, and some of them will need to be hand stitched on the other side.

In the stack you will find  Garden Party, Halloween Round Robin, Feathered Goose, Quilter's Garden, Masterpiece, and Windmill awaiting their turn at the machine and calendar.

In addition to my One Monthly Goal, I also hope to:

  • Make a couple of pop up bins
  • Bind two quilts when they return from the quilter
  • Get all of the applique' done on my Laundry Basket Mystery Quilt
  • Make the remaining four Celestial Star Blocks
  • Cut out some quilts that I plan to make in the near future

Monday, July 31, 2023


 350 blocks challenge by Prairie Moon 

July blocks made: 32

Total YTD blocks made: 334

  • 1 Celestial Star - well, sort of.  I turned the elephant 90 degrees wrong.  This is the second time I have made the same mistake.  Isn't that a sign that you are crazy?  

I keep forgetting that the block needs to be turned so as to align with matching background fabrics.  Can you see the mistake? I love the secondary pattern happening in the backgrounds!

Can I just add that the elephant applique' really is a fantastic way to avoid getting all of those twelve points in the center to come together perfectly?  I actually cut the wedges off in the middle because ithey are covered.

  • 4 scissor blocks
  • 2 Camp Curtains
  • 1 Crazy Quilty Lady quilt top assembly

  • 1 Black n White flower quilt top assembly (I will get a photo when it returns from the quilter.)
  • 4 Dollar Building Blocks - Month 2 stars
  • 12 spring mystery hexie flower blocks
  • 4 spring mystery applique' blocks
  • 1 Stashbee exchange block
  • 2 Exchange blocks (star and a bear paw)

Zoom - Yay!  
I was finally available when Chooky chose to zoom.  I nearly finished the 2nd quarter panel of my Laundry Basket Mystery applique' while enjoying a nice visit.  It is so wonderful to have actually met several of these wonderful ladies in person when I visited Australia in April.
Attendees were from Australia, New Zealand, Norway, the U.S.A., and Canada.  We have another friend that joins us from Germany, but I must have missed her.

July Progress.  
The yellow shows every project that I actually made some progress on in July.  I had 2 complete finishes and two tops done.  Yay!  This means I can start new projects soon!

I have eleven total finishes for the year, two of which were UFOs/WIPs and 9 were Newfos.  A Newfo is a new start for 2023.

I am hopeful to complete 6 more this year.  Two are at the quilters which will leave me with only 4 to complete my goal.