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Monday, April 22, 2024

Bad Saturday & 15 minutes

My husband pinched the tip of his finger off while helping a fellow motorcycle rider up a difficult spot.  He grabbed hold of the forks to pull, the driver turned his handle bars for balance, and my honey's finger was caught in an impossible spot.  His entire finger nail was ripped off along with all of the meat/flesh around the bone from the first knuckle to the tip.  The bone is also broken.  He got himself to the hospital after a difficult 1 hour motorcycle ride and 1 1/2 hour truck drive.  I met him at the emergency room finding him in a lot of pain.

I am now in charge of chores which means feeding/watering the horses.  Jasper is fun to see.

Look at the lovely sunset!  It was so red!

Look what I found!  Two sister momma cats huddled together with their new baby kittens in a tiny space.  I am pretty sure they are nursing each others babies.  There are 10 kittens.

I am also in charge of setting alarms and making sure my drug induced honey gets his meds every 3 hours to control the pain.  He sees an orthopedic surgeon this week to see what has to be done.  The emergency room doctor just barely stitched the flesh together enough for the surgeon to just rip it apart when he can see it.  Sucks to get hurt on a Saturday and have to wait until Monday to get the help you need.

15 Minutes Report

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Pineapples. campers, April zoom and weekend crazies

 It was an eventful weekend in both good and bad ways.  Let's start with the good...

My husband was gone all weekend which meant uninterrupted sewing time.  My pineapple top (Chookshed Challenge for this month) is done.  Now to piece the back.

I made my Aussie Baradine row - well all but one more Moda Love block which is cut and ready to sew.  Two campers are done, well... were done.  I need to fix the tongue on the trailer because it looks like my tire is stuck in the mud or something.  All I need to do is lengthen the trailer hitch part into the dirt part.

Look how small Moda Love is... 8".

Look, I even made Moda Love out of Australian fabric!

I zoomed with the Chookshed Girls:

Lou popped in on her break.

Janice showed us the cute little smiley faces made by Brenda for Baradine.

Chooky had to buz Gail out of her yard and away from mowing to join us.

I stole this from Chooky's blog because I LOVED how many bags from 2023 retreat are completed!

I'll post the bad news tomorrow because this post is getting kind of long.


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Weekend Family Camping & finished my bag!

Love the way my bag turned out!  There are four outside pockets including one on the front and back and sides.  

The Bay Mare in the photo is the one that lost her filly, still sad about that.

I tried to get Jasper, our baby, but Momma horses always try to block their little one out of view.  She is successful.

There are three inside pockets - one on each side with a vinyl one as well.

Two weekends ago our kids, their spouses, and our grands went camping.  Son and his wife were the only ones missing.  We were even joined by my brother's family and my husband's brother's family.

There was roping practice in the background.

There were motorcycle rides, camp fire talks, marshmallow roasting, playing in the dirt, hiking, visiting, doing puzzles, playing board games, and lots of eating.  We even watched church conference together either in our trailer or listened outside on large speakers.

This weekend we went to Moab and watched Enduro Motorcycle racing and also had dinner with our so and his wife.  It was a wonderful trip.  

Look at this truck we saw.  There are saddles on top.

Daughter sent me these photos of my grands feeding a calf.

Check out my other grands on youtube.  Their dad has a youtube channel building cars and such.  The videos are just a few seconds long.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

To Do Tuesday

 Last week's goals:

1. ✔ Finish binding my bag
2. ✔ Do some Mystery quilt sewing
3. Prep Fishy Business for applique'
I am liking the yellows this month for RSC.  

4. $ BB Kaffe, Country Rose, and Jewel of the Caribbean. 

5. ✔ Paper Piece Vesta
6. ✔ More hand work on Let's Bake while playing in Moab

This week' goals:

1. Finish Vesta blocks
2.  Assemble Pineapple Quilt
3. Mystery units progress
4.  Cut Moda Love blocks
5. Sew Moda Love blocks
6.  Choose Baradine camper fabric
7. Exercise daily

My new bag holds this week's projects in easy to grab and sew pouches.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Me not at Scrub Stitchin' (boo hoo tears)

This is me, upper right,  NOT at Scrub Stitchin' but zooming with the bunch instead.  We started off early with Janice, the tour guide, Susan, and Lou.  

Chris joined us shortly after.  We also got to see snippets of the Scrub Stitchers in Baradine.  Hello Jenny, Sharmayne, and Lianne.  I need help with some of the other names.

Chooky shows up!

And then there were Janice, Karen, and Gail... 

We were all together last year except for Karen.

It truly felt like I was there.  When I first got on Janice was taking us around the room showing us what was on the walls, tables, and such.  Not too much later Chooky was with us and we were given a complete tour of everyone's projects.  Here are a few I was able to screenshot thanks to a tour by Sharmayne.

Annette was stitching.

The ladies are making braids this year.


Hatched and Patched pattern for the Scrub Stitchers this year...

Janice and I made this mystery quilt together.  She has all her applique' done and was ready to hook it all together.  Mine is no that far.

Janice's quilt again.  I believe there enough of us that want to do one that we may start something together online.  It looks like a scrap buster to me.


Maureen - tiny stripped log cabin blocks

Sue's braid


Sue (up the road Sue)

Lee's project


I recognize Jenny's bag from last year because I fell in love with her green scissor Tula Pink fabric.



Love these ladies and the memories we made last year together in Australia!