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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge


If you would like to join, make a list of ten sewing related items or goals you want to work on in 2024, and post it to your blog on or before January 1st.  You can join late, but the first number will be posted January 1st.  Each month, January through October, I will draw a number.  That will be the number from our list we all work on together in blogland.  Blog your progress through the month to keep us all motivated.

Your list can include any sewing goal you set for yourself.  Make it reachable.  Here are some ideas:
  • finish a project (name the project)
  • work on a project (name the project)
  • make a block (name the project)
  • start a new project - can be open to any new start
Your goals can be whatever you choose. One member of the group plans to make three lists - one for sewing, one for yarn projects, and one for decluttering.

Some of us are intentionally matching our numbers to similar projects. #3 is EPP or paper piecing, #4 panel quilt, #5 is a New Zealand inspired project or birds, #6 is a bag or the Scrub Stitchin' bag from 2023, #8 is Christmas inspired.  As you browse each other's posts linked below, if you see a project similar to your own, you can just assign the same number. 

Post a comment on my blog or Chookyblue's blog if you want to join.  I will add links to everyone's blogs here.  Feel free to add the links to your blogs as well so we can find each other.

January #6 was drawn.
February #2 was drawn.
March #4 was drawn.
April #9 was drawn.
May #5 was drawn.
June #10 was drawn.

Here is my list:

1. Laundry Basket's Spring Mystery (progress). Hand applique' is what is left to do.

2. Celestial Star Quilt (finish the top)   It is quilted and bound.

3. Disney Princess Blocks (progress)

4. Start Cross My Heart Quilt (Top is done)  and cut out chicken panel quilt

Since some group members organized to do a panel quilt, and I happen to have a few pieces already cut, I may as well do this too.  I figure I might not get to it without support from others.  Goal is to get the rest of it cut out.

5. Kiwi bird blocks - here are the blocks and the lady who inspired the NZ theme .  She shared them with us on zoom.

6. Chooky's Scrub Stitchin' Bag (start and finish)  It is done.

7. Chevron Round Robin (quilt top done)

8. Gingerbread House Embroidery (progress)

9. Start Pineapple Tula Pink quilt - (quilt top done)


10. Me Without You (quilt top done)

Links to participants:

Deana - You are here!
Narelle - Pins and Whiskers in her left sidebar


  1. Thanks Deanna for getting this started and taking the lead on it! I got quite a bit done today and getting ready to do a post!

  2. here is my official "yes I'm joining"...LOL...I'll work on my list tonight.

  3. Oh Deana I love the Disney princesses. Yes i am on this list .I will try for some photos up tomorrow .

  4. You definitely have some fun projects on your list. Looking forward to seeing progress on each this year.

  5. OK, count me in. I'll have a think about the list.

  6. Thanks so much for arranging this fun little challenge. It will be so good to see everyone's projects.

  7. Oh I thought I had commented............
    Yes I am in (not sure i could say to get something worked on each month........its going to be motivating working with everyone.............thanks for hosting.............

  8. Oh I'm in... need to think about my list :)

  9. I just love your list! I want to do all of them too! LOL I'll have no problem making a list.

  10. This sounds too good to pass up. Looking forward to it.

  11. Would love to join ... I really need a big push along in 2024

  12. Oh golly - well done on a great and fun looking list!! This will be a fun thing to be part of. I'm thinking of a separate list of tops that need quilting too; some months I won't be able to do them but hopefully I'll get a few of those done as well (hehe List#2 is optional each month!)

  13. Hey Deana - Annette (NSW) is joining us. I will post her list tomorrow on my blog............

  14. I'm in! Just making a post to list my stuff.

  15. Thank you for your kindness towards me and for inspiring me! I'm in, but have made the decision to start anew using a newer blog. I'll email you the address so you can update if that's okay?

  16. What lovely projects you have Deana :-)
    I have picked my first 5 and posted them on my blog. I will pick 5 more and post later or tomorrow. Thanks for hosting this challenge :-)

  17. I'd like join to,I've got so many UFOs. Can you please add me to the group. Other than writing my list, anything else I need to know, seems that a linky is involved? I'm thrilled to see that NZ birds seems popular, I'm a keen Kiwi stitcher.

  18. I am in too Deana, should be good fun. Your list looks like lots of fun! Thank you for organising and hosting!

  19. I am in! This seems like a fun way to get motivated and do some things! I have published my list on my blog! I like your list better! :)

  20. I'm in. I have several projects I want finished or moved along and some I want to start. This sounds like fun and I've published my list on my blog. Happy New Year.

  21. I would like to join your challenge

  22. Hi

    Bit late to the party, but I would love to join in this. Looks good.

  23. I'm late, too, but would like to join. I reeeeeaaaaallllly need to get some stuff finished. Will make my list this afternoon or tomorrow hopefully.

  24. Hi Deanna, thanks for adding me to the list. We are home from our Christmas holiday so I'm raring to go with my list. Can you please there a linky group to post my blog to? Otherwise who would know when I post about doing my projects? Thanks in advance.

  25. Hi Deanna, just posting now, so late. Glad you got my list and I found it again.

  26. The free pattern for the kiwi birds can be found here….cheers, Louise

  27. I love the projects you are working on ;) Happy Stitching!

  28. Hi Deanna, I made my list just after my major renovation happened so lots of the list includes things I needed to do before I even started to quilt or touch fabric. Now I have just about finished my list at and am about to start thinking quilting projects for the year. Thank you for the impetus to managing my creativity and giving myself a goal or two.


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