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Monday, February 19, 2024

15 Minutes, Monday This and That, and other linkies

To Do Tuesday:

Last week's goals:

1. Embroider 3 elephants ✔

2. Mountains - rr block 

3. Sheep - rr block 

4. Pick out boat shed fabrics from my stash (for Wellington, NZ row in my trip quilt) X

5. Fishy Business - Feb blocks in red 

6. Prep Lori Holt's "Let's Bake" pies 

I loved making those cute pie blocks and look forward to making the rest of the blocks over the next year or so.  I am making it my own personal block of the month.

A lot of stitching has been happening in and out of my sewing room.  Saturday I had to help my sweetheart with roofing the hay barn.  My job was to help him load tin onto the fork lift and then send him up and down the fork lift all day long.  Because I had to stay at the bottom to bring him up and down, I sat in my car and stitched elephant embroidery.  I got all of them done except one.  I did it in the car because it was pretty cold outside.

7. Begin another princess block X

This week's goals:

1. Embroidery last elephant

2. Assemble Celestial Star Top

3. Sew up Pineapple blocks at the Snowgoose Retreat this weekend

Monday This and That


  1. Love those they taste as good as they look? lol

  2. Cute Pies..
    You're doing well at keeping on track.
    So good to conbime helping Hubby and getting some stitching done too.

  3. You've got some very fun blocks in the works. Love those pie and fish blocks. And yeah for maintaining 100% stitching time.

  4. You've been very busy. The hay barn looks huge.

  5. Love those pie blocks. Looks like a nice day to be working out of doors even if it was cold.

  6. Great blocks you ate making Deana - good to have something to do instead of hanging about!

  7. I like how you have so many varied projects successfully being worked on each month. Your record keeping is amazing

  8. Wow you've been busy. I love the cute pie blocks. The hay barn is enormous and great use of time to stitch the elephants when not helping load

  9. I love it that you’re able to multitask between hand embroidery and fork lift operator!!

  10. All of the blocks--pies, sheep, and fish, are great.

  11. Well you farm girls get all the good jobs. Hope you weren't too cold

  12. Oh I love the pie blocks and the sheep, so cute!! Thanks for joining in on Monday This and That, I hope you had a great week! xx

  13. sheep block so darn cute! glad to see you are keeping

  14. Great progress. Your fish turned out so well. I love that you are using different methods each month. I made a cushion with that sheep block for my dad when I first started doing patchwork. Good job on the shed


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