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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Retreat weekend - sew much fun!

Phyllis, Kalynn, and I spent a three day weekend at a lovely retreat in Delta.  There were classes, venders, new friends made, a lovely quilt show and trunk show, and even quilt songs written and played by a talented lady named Bonnie from Pie Plate Patterns.  She played the guitar and sang to us about all the threads that collect on our clothes and about cuttin' cuttin' cuttin' up fabric.  My favorite was her reinvention of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere, Man".  She changed the words to "I've made all the Stars, Man" and then proceeded to list every star block that exists out there in quiltland.  I laughed so hard.

Bonnie works with her mother-in-law who is AMAZING at making the most beautiful things out of scraps.  She is also a master at organizing them and cutting them to get the most out of them.  She gave a great lecture and class on it and was very interesting to listen to.  Her name is Brenda.  Here is a shot I took of her house quilt.

What did I do?  I just sewed pinapple blocks and got them all done too.  Now to choose the order I want them in.  Either I need to make one more or take the bottom row off.  I am leaning toward the latter as the purples are maybe too dark.  That's ok, I can put them on the back.

I also nearly finished some teapot blocks.  They look a bit wonky right now.  I think I'll wait to show them once I get the handles done.

Someone had made these bags - loved them!  I am in need of ordering the pattern for sure.

Quilt show faves:

Ya, the witch quilt by Lori Holt is on my bucket list. 

I also came home with the notion to get me a little mini table to press/cut on at retreats.  It is super uncomfortable to stretch/reach/twist to the side to cut or press.  It would also be handy in my sewing room and other places. Most of the quilters made a little pressing pad for the top of theirs.

I also am thinking about a foldable wagon for down the road - so handy for carting all your stuff into a retreat.

15 Minutes Report:


  1. Love that house quilt, and the song sounds like fun! Your pineapples might work in a colourwash arrangement, darkest on the bottom, lightest on top?

  2. What a great weekend. Love the houses and your pineapples are looking lovely. That looks like a very useful bag! xx

  3. oh those scrappy houses are your pineapples...nice eye candy post

  4. fun weekend away with friends.
    Love the houses , get use of scraps.
    Pineapples and great.

  5. That's the thing about retreats - we come home with a long list of "I want that, too"

  6. Wow! Wish I was a mouse in your pocket! The retreat sounds so refreshing, fun, and inspirational! Love the colorful pineapples! 😁

  7. Your pineapples look very tropical indeed. That house quilt certainly is outstanding.

  8. Looks like a great retreat. Love your pineapples.

  9. Your pineapples are lovely, so are the house and snowman quilts I'm sure you had a great weekend sewing and chatting

  10. a busy time - love the house quilt and your pineapples...I like the idea above from Jennifer. I've been pondering a small fold up table for the same reason....they are hard to get here.

  11. The retreat sounds great fun. I haven't managed to go to one yet as the dates always clash with something family related. I love your pineapple blocks.

  12. Sounds like a very fun and productive retreat. All those quilts are really fun. Your pineapple blocks turned out beautifully. I like the dark purple blocks, leaving them on the bottom adds weight there. Not sure that makes sense, but it does draw your eye down from the top.

  13. They are all such bright and colourful quilts. Your pineapples are great.


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