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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Deana: FREE Mystery BOM SWAP - Row Quilt Style

Welcome all quilters who like BOMs, MYSTERY, and SWAPS.  If you love BOMs and MYSTERY  but not so much SWAPS, this will work for you too.  I have the itch to design and swap again and wanted to invite quilters from around the world to participate.   Here is what I have in mind:

I will be designing a ROW QUILT.  It will be queen-sized, but make any size you want because row quilts are easy to adapt.

A new FREE row pattern will be released at the first of each month (via email PDF format).  Participants will make as many blocks as they wish to swap from that pattern and post them to the group blog by the last day of the month.  If you are not much of a swapper, just make one to swap and make the rest for yourself.  Anyone who posts swap blocks will be in on that month's swap.  Non bloggers can email me their photos for me to post. 
Make as many blocks as you want up to a maximum that will be listed.  If you make two, you swap two.  If you make 5, you swap 5.  If the row requires 8 blocks and you only make two to swap, then you will have to make the other 6 blocks on your own to have enough for the row. 

Block patterns may include paper piecing, some appliqué, or regular rotary or strip piecing methods.

Here are some row quilts I have designed in the past:

Be Thankful - Autumn

a neighborhood with quilts hanging on the clothes line, flowers, butterflies, sunbonnet sues, a picket fence with a fancy gate, watering cans, birdhouses, and umbrellas. 


Additional Rules:

  •  Participants will suggest a theme for the row quilt.  I will choose one that inspires me and design the quilt based on that theme.   
    • You must participate in the SWAP the prior month to get the next pattern for FREE.  The cost for non-swap participants will be $6.75 a month payable via paypal.  Once the quilt project is finished the pattern will become available for sale, so participate now and get it for FREE.
    • You can make EXTRA blocks for a drawing; you will get one entry per extra block.  Just specify how many blocks are for the swap and how many are for the drawing.   If enough people participate in making "drawing blocks", someone may have enough for a separate quilt just out of the winning blocks. 
    • All participants will be asked to follow the fabric/color guidelines for each month's instructions so the blocks will look good together after we swap them.
    • Late comers are welcome but they will need to purchase the patterns they missed or come up with their own rows. 
     Who do you swap with?

    As quilters post their completed blocks I will number each block in the order they are blogged.  So when it is time to  decide which blocks go to Jane Doe, and if Jane made 3 blocks, I will draw out three numbers to determine which ones she gets.  If Deana made 6 blocks I will draw the next 6 numbers for her.  Basically, it will be random.  I will doctor up the randomness if needed such as:
    • If you choose to make three identical swap blocks in the same fabrics, I will have you send them to three different people so one person will not have identical blocks in a row.  It is faster and easier to strip sew identical blocks so I anticipate most swappers will do this.
    • If you choose to make three blocks that are not identical in fabric then I may have you send them to only one/maybe 2 people ,as needed, to save on postage.
    Basically, you could get some blocks from the same person but most likely you will receive blocks from different people.  On the first of each month I will determine as randomly as possible where each block is sent and email everyone a list with addresses.

    On the first of the month I will blog about a "maximum" number of blocks you can make.  It will probably be the number of blocks in the row (likely not more then 8).   

    Participants will be required to use high quality fabric (no Walmart)  and to match the color scheme.  You can tell the quality by how good it feels and by the price.  Most good quality fabric is around $10 a yard.  I hope participants will purchase enough fabric so they can put bits of the same fabric in each row to blend the whole quilt together.

    Deana’s Designs is not liable for blocks that get lost in the mail.  Participate at your own risk.

    Leave a comment with your email address or email me at  In the subject line put "BOM swap mystery" so I know you are not a spammer.  Also, list your "theme" idea.

    I am leaning toward starting either September 1st or October 1st to allow time to recruit swappers.  We need a pretty good sized group for this to work.  I anticipate the swap to go for 6-7 months.  

    Grab a button and let your friends and internet groups know. 

    Below are photos of other quilts I have designed to give you an idea of my design abilities.  This BOM swap will not be an art quilt or extremely difficult project like the photo below.  Think intermediate or a beginner who is particular.

    The quilt below is made with folded inserts.

    Hexagons in Rotation
    And another one in different colors...



    1. I would love to participate! Given the time-frame, a patriotic quilt could be finished piecing and quilting in time for the holiday next year. Or maybe a fun theme like a "sewing room," or maybe a calendar type quilt that focuses on the holidays instead of the months so its the right size?

    2. Wonderful ideas!!! I love them all! I will add your name to the list and update you as things progress.

    3. An ocean theme would be interesting. Starting with creatures in the deep blue sea and ending up the top with boats, surfers or seals on rocks or ice.
      I take it if you do 3 for swap then you would post them to someone and get 3 back in return. So at the end you would have blocks made by others that you could put together for your own quilt.

    4. Yes, Jo. I think you understand it correctly. I love your ocean theme idea. That is one I would not have thought of on my own because I am pretty land bound where I live. Are you considering the swap?

    5. Oh, how fun this sounds! I wish I could participate, but we won't be home from our mission in Guatemala until May of next year. Will look forward to joining the next project though!

    6. I would love to participate. I'm thing beach, any holiday, or all holidays, or designers choice. May I post this on Facebook so all my quilt friends will know about it.


    7. All of the quilts you posted are so lovely. I would love to participate. I have never done this before and have been looking for a blog BOM. I like the ocean theme idea. I live on an island in Alaska and that theme would fit perfectly here. Count me in for whatever!

    8. Thank you for your interest, Kathi. Do you have an email where I can contact you?

    9. I'm crazy for doing this, but yes, put me down. I'm still working on my Daughters of Dorinda that we did in 2011! I'll probably simply finish the part I have as a wall hanging, though. I love it. I wish I hadn't missed the patriotic row by row you did last time, so if you wanted to do another one, that would be great. =) Also like the ocean idea. I love children's books, so rows where each block refers to a particular book, like Where the Wild Things Are, would be great. Houses and barns, but not too complicated! Things boys/men like to do? Space, the final frontier? =) I'm sure you'll pick something great! dezertsuz at gmail

    10. This sounds very interesting. I don't have any ideas or suggestions at the moment. I will think about it. I will email my addy to you to be on the safe side. Thank you.

    11. I enjoyed doing the last one in 2011. It was really a lot of fun. I am interested in joining this one too. I will email you my address as well.

    12. I love this idea! Iam a beginning quilter and hope that fits.
      I love folk art and colonial styles. I especially love houses and birds particularly black birds. I would love to do a quilt that I could quilt myself with big stitch quilting. Iam aware this doesn't work with all types of quilts .

    13. This sounds like so much fun, I found your blog by accident and am so glad I did. I'd love to join and am loving Cathy's suggestion of doing a sewing room quilt but am not sure I need one in queen size. I also love houses for a theme. Vickie

    14. What a fun idea. I would love to be a part of this one. I have not done a swap yet, so this would be a great way to get started. You already have my email, so add me to the list. :-D
      Right now I can't think of any themes that have not been suggested already.
      BTW, I am trying to get a new baby quilt done. Pinwheels in blue. For my birthday I get to start a new decade and a new generation.

    15. Oh Deana, my heart was doing little roller coasters as I looked at your past quilts! you are incredibly talented! As you know, I would love to be in your swap, but can't guarantee the time. I love that I can buy the patterns from you later and am so looking forward to seeing what you create!

    16. I am interested in participating in your BOM swap. I have never stitched in a swap like this and to have parts of a quilt from around the world is fun. I love the idea of either the sewing machine theme or an ocean theme. I can picture sand & sea & sun & boats.


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