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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Celestial Star Progress and more...

 I completed two more Celestial Star blocks this week. I am honestly surprised at how much time they take.  I still plan to outline embroider the elephants to help them stand out.

I also completed another exchange block. 

Not having been truly happy with my border on Tulip Winnings,  I took them off and added a white border before the red one.  I like it much better.


After. You can see the backing fabric I chose.  It is all about friendship which was the quilt retreat theme where I won the blocks.  I love it!

Been enjoying the grands again this week...


  1. Agreed. The flowers float with that extra white border.

  2. What a difference that white border makes! Love the star blocks, they are like a kaleidoscope. Great pictures of the little ones. xx

  3. Wonderful pictures of the grandchildren! Great wagon in the last picture. Love your star blocks, there are lots of pieces in them! Great improvement on the tulip quilt.

  4. the celestial star blocks look great.......amazing the different just by colour choice and placement........

  5. Love the celestial stars...I agree adding the white border looks better. Busy time with all those little ones...such cuteness.

  6. Those celestial star blocks are really fun. Taking off that border had to be not fun, but the narrow white spacer border does really work. The grands look like they were having a good time. Enjoy your summer stitching time.

  7. Cute grandies! Your Celestial Stars are beautiful.

  8. what gorgeous Grandies you have!
    Star blocks look amazing and I love the subtlety of the elephants. I'm with you on the tulips that little add of white makes it look lovely.

  9. Wow, they all look about the same age! Wonderful time of life. The white was a good choice.


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