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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

3 tops ready to quilt

 I dropped these three at the quilter today.  I started all of them at Scrub Stitchin' in Australia.

It always surprises me how long it takes to add borders and piece backs.

I also got these two bound. These are my first ever all machine binding. 

Memorial Day in the states is when we put flowers on the graves of our loved ones. 

This is my sweetheart and grand daughter and myself visiting my husband's father's grave.

My husband's family was large anyway, and then they adopted 4 more.

We lost one a year ago. He was too young. 

Some of my husband's siblings and his mother posed for a photo. 

My grandmother's grave

I don't really have many deceased family graves to visit where I live.  The day was too short to drive to mine. 


  1. We don't have that tradition here in UK. In France it was always November 1st - All Saints Day and people would travel to visit family and family graves. Crysanthemums were the flower of choice and for a week or so beforehand the shops would be full of these colourful plants. We would visit our village graveyard just to look at all the colour. xx

  2. Beautiful quilts. Lovely to build new family memories, while remembering those passed.

  3. Beautiful quilt Deana. We don't have that tradition here that I know of either.

  4. beautiful quilts.........well done on the finishes.........
    a lot of our family are buried at the same cemetery so if you visit one you visit many......we don't do the flowers like you mum likes to do the flowers on Mothers day.....but that's just her choice.........

  5. I visit when I can, whatever day it is, but so many are all over the US. Paul is still right with me, as I haven't decided where I'll be, and I want us interred together. Regan has promised, so for now, he's on my bookshelf ... strangely comforting, really.


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