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Sunday, May 8, 2022

PHD & American Patchwork and Quilting Update as well as quilt show photos

Windmill top is done and off to the quilter!

This is the 5th one I have made and will be the only one I have not quilted myself.  It goes together quickly and is pretty fun.  This one is mine to keep - yay!  It was the only one made from jelly rolls as well.  Two identical Batik jelly rolls sat in my sewing room as a decoration for a few years before I decided to use them for this project.  

Last weekend we went to a car show in Moab, Utah which happens to be a couple of hours away from us.  I brought some hand applique' and was enjoying myself doing that while lounging in the shade.  A lady asked to see what I was doing and then informed me that there was a quilt show just a short walk away.  Immediately I put my stuff away and headed out.  Not only was there a lovely quilt show, but the guild ladies of Moab also had a little trunk show in another room.  I was in heaven.  

These are photos of some of their quilts.  I will show more later so as not to overload this post more than I already have.

This first one is a legitimate original vintage quilt - hand pieced we think.

A Double Wedding Ring beautifully made...

Look at this wonderful quilt full of balloons!  I love it and have never seen anything like it before.

This one was made from a variety of borders that she just chose to put all together into one quilt.

Every quilt has a story.  I truly enjoy hearing those "stories" as you show them on your blogs or I see them in a trunk show.  A trunk show is so much more meaningful to me because of those stories whereas a quilt show is just several lovely quilts  to look at without a story from the maker.

Oh, and here is proof about being at the car show.   My sweetheart can be seen helping someone out.  

Our littlest Grand - soon to be one.

A couple more grands spending time with their cousin on the other side.

PHD update looks pretty good...

My One Monthly Goal is to finish the top for my Newfo started in April.  These must be completely finished in 2022 to earn my PHD.

For the Birds - Feb newfo is coming along nicely with most of the blocks completed.

Crazy Quilty Ladies - I plan to gradually finish those blocks each month.  They are fun but time consuming.

I like to run my PHD concurrently with One Monthly Goal and American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenges.  If I am working on anything, I am likely working on goals from all three challenges.

American Patchwork & Quilting Update

6 month's worth of goals are completed and it is only May - Yay!  

Left on the list not in any particular order are:

1.  Quilted Barns - top done

2.  Sand Dollar - complete finish

3. 5 Disney Princess Blocks

4. Piece Princess Castle - quilt and bind

5. Color My World - top done

6. Color My World - Quilt & bind

This list includes items that are crossed off are:

1. Masterpiece - top done

2. Masterpiece - quilted  & bound

3. Windmill - top done

4. Windmill - quilted & bound

5. Christmas Row - top done

6. Christmas Row - quilted & bound


  1. Your windmills are beautiful. Great finish.
    How wonderful to accidentally in the vicinity of a quilt show. Looking forward to more photos of that.

  2. this windmill quilt is stunning. any chance of a pattern? i tried you link but it's sold out. maybe a pdf? just beautiful

  3. Lovely finish on the Windmills. What perfect timing for your trip to the car show. The quilts you have pictured are lovely and yes it is lovely to know the story behind. The ballons are super. xx

  4. That border really sets the top off. Lucky you finding a quilt show.

  5. Love your Windmills and that border is amazing. Great job on your PHD too! What a wonderful way to spend your day -- at a quilt show complete with trunk show. The quilting world is THE BEST! Wonder if the lady that steered you that way was a quilter as well!?!

  6. I am so please this quilt will stay with you........I cannot believe you have made 5 of nice to find a quilt event on.........lucky you

  7. Your Windmill quilt is stunning! Wonderful to be told of a quilt show near to where you were.

  8. You never cease to amaze me at the amount of things you achieve!

  9. Love your windmills! Congratulations on a flimsy finish! Thank you for Linking to PHD in 2022!

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  11. I've finally had a chance to catch up on reading your blog. You have been sew busy with your current projects, retreat and family outings. Windmills is looking stunning. No wonder you want to keep that one for yourself.


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