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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Ribbon Candy Gingerbread House

I pulled out an oldie to stitch along with two zoom groups on Saturday.  It was truly a joy filled day.

This block is meant to be one of three blocks in my Christmas Row Quilt.  It is by Crab-apple Hill and is Block#8:  Ribbon Candy House.  I have made good progress.

Only one other block is complete from this Gingerbread Square pattern, and it is called Block #9: Main Street Shops.  I made it a couple of years ago, so my embroidery skills are rusty.

Do you ever change your mind about projects and decide to make them into something else?  Well, that is the direction my Christmas Row Quilt is headed.  When I put the embroidery blocks next to regular Christmas quilt blocks, they disappear.  They are just too much work to not see them pop.  After visiting a friend who had an embroidery quilt hanging in her home, I realized that her stitches showed up beautifully.  I learned that she uses 3 strands of floss which is different than the 2 strands the pattern suggests.  Now I am on a mission to switch to 3 strands.  This weekend I picked out some stitches and replaced them.  I am liking it better.  I may not unstitch all of it on my second block, but maybe some more.  If my first Gingerbread House doesn't look ok next to the others, it may become a pillow instead.

As for the Christmas Row Quilt - I think it will just be a Christmas Sampler which likely won't have embroidery Gingerbread houses in it.  I ordered some more floss so I can stitch all 9 houses in 3 strands and put them all into their own quilt.

Zoom party photos:

15 Minutes Report:

PHD Progress Report:

The yellow shows what I have worked on this month.  I hope to have the Masterpiece top done this week.

 I participated in the Friday Night Sew In.  Check out what the other sewers were doing at this link.


  1. It was great to see you in Chookys zoom session. I have been a Crabapple fan for a long time. Your houses look good and I'm sure what ever you do with them, they will be stunning once finished.

  2. The stitcheries are pretty I would love to see the beside two to see the difference.......
    I forgot to take pics this zoom can you believe that...... Was lovely to see you join again...... You are doing great on your blocks......

  3. Lovely to see you yesterday on Zoom. Love your gingerbread houses, they are pretty. Hugs, xx

  4. I missed the zoom - but goof to see you in for FNSI - sometimes 3 strands is a good solution..good luck with it!

  5. Pretty Gingerbread House..Would be interesting to see the difference made by using three strands for your embroidery..
    Was lovely to catch up on Zoom even for a short time….

  6. Beautiful embroideries...

  7. Beautiful embroideries and yes I change direction sometimes too. Good attendance on the zooms.

  8. i do like your embroidery blocks....

  9. The embroidered blocks are beautiful. I've seen a whole quilt made from the embroidered blocks in this series, the blocks really are the focus in it. Happy stitching this weekend.


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