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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Happy Mail - To Do Tuesday

 Orders arrived in my post office box yesterday.   It is so fun - like Christmas.  Instead of fabric, I received embroidery floss and a couple of Crab-Apple Hill Patterns.

Since I am switching to 3 strands and doing 9 blocks instead of 3, I needed more floss.  There is floss in these photos for two large projects.  I wasn't sure about what greens, so I ordered a little bit of a variety to have something to choose from.

Here is my added progress after Chooky's Zoom session tonight.  The blue is done and the red is just getting started.

I love how Crab Apple Hill's patterns show you exactly where to stitch all of one color in the pattern.

Look at these adorable patterns that arrived!  There is a little village inside the glass.  It is part of another set of "Deck the Halls" patterns that I ordered last year.

I also fell in love with Grandma's Christmas Kitchen.

I think it will go nicely with blocks from Kimberbell's "We Wisk You a Merry Christmas" blocks I hope to make some day.

One of the Zoom ladies, Christine, was making an adorable embroidered dice.  When she told me it was a free pattern from Ellie's Quilt Place, I had to go check it out.  The other sides are gardening, baking, and more sewing.  I think I need to make one for my friend.

I also downloaded this cute little Christmas Diddy.  I adore the stockings hung between the two trees.  This pattern was free as well. Sure hope to live to get all of these embroidery patterns stitched.

To Do Tuesday Report:

To Do Tuesday goals for last week:

✔24 Masterpiece blocks - I made way more than 24.  I am so close to finishing them with only 7 left to go.

✔Remove papers from the blocks

🆇 Outline quilt one border on Diamond Hill.  My quilter did a fantastic job, but there is one spot I want to add some stitch in the ditch.

🆇 Lose 1 lb.

✔Read scriptures daily

This week's goals:

1. Finish Masterpiece blocks - 7 to go.

2. Assemble Masterpiece top

3. Plan borders, backing, and binding for Masterpiece

4.  Some Embroidery

5.  Lose 1 lb.

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  1. Lots of floss there so I’m sure there’ll be enough to do all those beautiful stitcheries…..
    That was quick getting the pattern for the cube Christine was working on…
    Great to catch up today.
    Enjoy your To Do List….

  2. That stitchery that you were working on during Zoom is just gorgeous. You have some lovely projects lined up for the future. Good luck with your goals.

  3. Look at all that beautiful floss! I love the stitchery - especially Deck the Halls pattern!

  4. I just love the Christmas tree. That pattern followed me home on a trip to a quilt shop in British Columbia a few years back. The patterns are so neat and one just follow the steps. Have not worked on mine for a while, time to pull it out and do some more. All your projects are beautiful.

  5. Squishy parcels are always wonderful to receive...... You did well with your stitchery on zoom...... Lovely to catch up.....

  6. This post sure has a Christmas theme. You do have plenty to keep you going.
    The dice looks cute, thank you for sharing the link, I may have to make one too.

  7. Love the stitchery in the glass. I wish getting Crabapple Hill patterns was easy here in Australia. I'll have to see if i can track down a seller here. hugs, xx

  8. We’d better have lots of Zoom days for you to complete all your new projects. They are gorgeous. Where is the Christmas free pattern located?

  9. A lot of pretty embroidery projects to come! Love this cute village in the glass, the dice is beautiful too. Hace fun with your goals of the week ;)
    Thank you for sharing and linking up!

  10. Lots of beautiful stitching thread there. The patterns are beautiful, you got lots done on zoom! Was great to have a catch up.

  11. Crab Apple Hill embroidery patterns are dangerous, they have so many fun stitcheries. I've got a couple in reserve and if I ever finish my butterfly embroidery, I'll start one of those. Good luck with your To Do List this week.

  12. So many lovely embroideries and it is amazing what we accomplish while zooming!

  13. So much goodness here! :) Those Christmas stitcheries are absolutely adorable. Sooo tempting. . . And more Masterpiece sections! That project is a true stunner.

  14. Wow on that gorgeous floss! I love Crab Apple embroidery patterns, they are so irresistible. You do a beautiful job on them.
    Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!

  15. You've certainly got lots of blocks done in one month!! Those embroideries will keep you busy too, you'll need more zoom sessions to sit and stitch.


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