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Thursday, January 13, 2022

360 Blocks Challenge 2022 AND 1 block short

I am participating in the 350 blocks challenge by Prairie Moon again this year.  

Last year I came close with a total of 316 blocks.  I don't really get caught up in trying to make 350, I just think it is fun to count my blocks during the year.  If getting 350 blocks means I have to start new projects without finishing old ones, then never mind.  It does look like I'm off to a great start though!

Jan blocks made:  43

Total YTD:  43

21 Masterpiece blocks

    After careful counting, I thought I was done making these rectangle blocks.  Nope, I was one short.  Oh well.  I suppose I'm off to finish it.  Next, I will be making triangles 60 triangle blocks for the final outside of the quilt.

22 Sand Dollar blocks

New Topic:  I had a moment today to photograph my December finishes.  I love seeing all those bindings done.  I am not so good at posting the sizes of my quilts, but Diamond Hill is 99 x 99.  You can see that the sizes go down from there as they all lay side by side.

Left to right:  Diamond Hill, Dear Jane, Tom Turkey, Feathered Goose, and Sweet N Simple.  

Every one of these were pretty labor intensive.  

Let me show off the lovely quilting the Kristi Quilt Fairy did - love it!  It was super scary for me to let someone else quilt this one, but I am so so glad I did.


  1. I think you had an amazing year of finishing quilts! 42 blocks made so far in January! I think I'm in awe!

  2. That's amazing! Congrats on so many finishes. I am aiming for 5 blocks this month and then didn't I go and start Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses

  3. rolled up on the chair it does not give the quilts justice as to their have done so well and goodluck on the 365 blocks challenge......the quilting is lovely.....

  4. Your quilts look great there rolled up, so good to have finishes! Good luck with the blocks challenge, you are off to a great start. The quilter did a beautiful job of your quilt.

  5. Congratulations on those gorgeous finishes and new quilts that are heading to the finish line.

  6. While you can't see the actual quilts, they do look very photogenic all rolled up like that. You sure have been busy making blocks.

  7. You did well on the number of blocks and on finishes. Five is a good number for one month! Hope you 2022 has gotten off to as good a start.

  8. a very productive year with so many beautiful finishes..

  9. I am so impressed with all your finishes. My absolute favorite is the Diamond Hill which I watched from the designer as well. She does such wonderful, detailed applique. And yours is a tribute to her design. Keep up the piecing; great job!

  10. Your Quilt Fairy’s feather quilting is such a pretty complement to your spectacular appliqué! What a gorgeous quilt!


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