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Monday, October 25, 2021

To Do Tuesday and other linkies

 Last week's list went well:

1.  Finish quilting Feathered Goose.  ✔

2.  Attach the binding to Feathered Goose  

3. Sew one more row in Sweet N Simple.   

4.  Make one or two windmill blocks. X

This week's goals:

1. Make the last Sweet and Simple row. I have one out of 6 blocks done.  There are so many tiny pieces.

2. Add a hanging sleeve to my son's horse quilt.  It has been done for a few years, but he wants it hung at the wedding, so I took the top binding out to add a hanging sleeve.  The silhouettes are real photos of my son.

Sleeve is caught in the binding.  I need to hand stitch the binding down and also the bottom edge of the sleeve.

I am linking up with:

To Do Tuesday.

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  1. Well done to you. I still love your sons horse quilt. It is amazing.

  2. You're so talented Deanna. all of your quilts are beautiful. Well done on this latest gorgeous happy quilt.

  3. The Feathered Goose quilt is stunning. Really, all your projects are nice. Thanks for sharing photos.

  4. Great job! You’ve really been good on your goals.

  5. Your Feathered Goose is stunning, love it to bits!! Your sons horse quilt is stunning too, wow!!! You are making great progress Deane.

  6. You are so close to finishing Feathered Goose. The quilting is beautiful. What a nice compliment they your son wants his quilt hung at his wedding.

  7. Some lovely, lovely works there.

  8. Wow, so many great quilts and such awesome progress. It must be hard to unpick binding... I would have just hand sewn both sides of the hanging sleeve (or just safety pinned it). That is a really impressive design and those cameo images are super special.

  9. What a great finish on your Feathered Goose quilt, and lovely that your son wants his quilt hung at the wedding

  10. Gosh is your Feathered Goose gorgeous. Wonderful quilt finish. Congratulations.

  11. Wow! Feathered goose turned out beautifully! Sweet and Simply is really sweet. Hope you've had some time for stitching with all the other things going on.


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