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Sunday, April 21, 2019

We made it to Arizona!

This past week for spring break we headed out with two vehicles, a camp trailer, and our bicycles to complete our trek to Arizona.  It was honestly the most scenic stretch of country EVER!

Each night I sewed on my quilt and completed the columns before returning home.  Here are the totals:

Hiked:  62 miles
Biked:  195 miles
Total:  257 miles

We started in January and ended on Thursday the 18th of April.  It took us only 11 days.

The days change from black to white in the quilt.  Each log is 1 mile.  Yellow: hubby walked alone, purple: I walked with him, green hubby biked alone, orange:  I biked with him.

I can honestly say that on the really steep hills (10% grades) I chose to skip.  I did do a few of them but not all.  The first day of this past week was downhill through a gorgeous canyon, but we had a head wind which made it so very very hard.  After 33 miles and terrible aching legs, I chose to go lay under a tree and wait for my husband to go 10 more miles and bring the car back.  

The bottom of the last column has room for something else.  I happened to have this panel of fabric that looks exactly like the country we were in.  I may add it.  I may also try to find more of it for the back.

I will be adding pieced sashing between the columns with diamonds in it.

Look at these switchbacks.  You can see three levels of road if you look.  There were twice as many more coming off this mountain.  Yes, we rode DOWN it.

This is the infamous Forest Gump Highway.  I rode to here but chose not to go up that long hill.  My husband is in yellow on the bike.  From here it was 7 miles up hill.  There is more up hill than can be seen in the photo.  No thank you.


  1. What a great achievement. You have done well.

  2. Wow, I wish we had scenery like that to cycle through. Well done. I measure distances in kilometres and think 33km is a decent ride!

  3. Such a cool trip! The quilt that goes with it is going to be a fun finish and memory of the trip. Congrats on reaching your goal.

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