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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Trek to Arizona is past the hardest stretch...

February 15th I took the day off work, and my husband and I headed out for a hiking weekend in the biggest snow storm of the year.  We got over a foot of snow in a few hours.  You can see me standing by my vehicle as the large flakes are coming down.  This was late afternoon and the snow continued to midnight.

It was snowing at home and during travel but only raining at our destination.  We had planned to park a vehicle at the end of our route and circle back with the other vehicle but it was too muddy even for 4-wheel drive.   We had also planned to stay the night in our Tahoe having put a nice mattress in the back.  There was so much mud that I didn't want it in my vehicle.  I suggested we get a motel at a nearby town instead, so we did.  It was so nice soaking in a hot tub, sleeping in, and watching HGTV the next morning while we waited for some of the mud to dry enough for us to still proceed.

Friday ended up being a "test the mud", "wait for it to dry", and "place the vehicles" day.  Our son ended up coming home with his girlfriend who recently had ankle surgery and could not walk well.   I guess we had to change our plans again.  We headed home and made a new plan to take the kids on the horses while we walked our trek.  This way they could ride and go with us.  The riders only went about 4 miles with us and then headed back to the house.

It was a beautiful hiking day with sunshine and blue skies and fresh fallen snow - a lot of it!  I felt like I was marching for miles - no exaggeration!  Sometimes the snow was up to my knees.  The hike should have been a cross country ski day or snow shoe day, but we made it.  I went 15 miles and my husband went 20.  I rated by body a "7" on a scale of 1 to 10.  It was certainly a difficult day, but for how hard it was I felt pretty good.

Here are some hike photos although most of them are on the end where there wasn't much snow.

Lunch spot...

 Me in all my layers...

I added 20 more white logs to my quilt to represent those miles.  The purple is us walking together; yellow is my husband walking alone.

The white sections represent a day while the black sections represent another day.  We now have 5 days into our journey and 52 miles.  

One column is nearly done with 4 more to go.  We finished several more miles this past weekend, but I will wait to blog about it when I get the quilt caught up.

This was certainly a day to remember.

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  1. Wow that is a lot of walking! In snow at that! And the fact that you managed to quilt every day too is just incredible!

  2. Great pictures and great stitching effort

  3. Loving the hiking photos and you keeping up with your braid. Looking good.

  4. What an adventure! Sounds like some of your hike was a real slog. Congrats for going no matter the weather. You had a good week on the stitching front too. Thanks for linking up with the 15 Minutes to Stitch.

  5. Whoa! I am seriously impressed with how many miles you did in the snow! It's very interesting to see how the braid emerges with the coded colors.

  6. This Trek together is inspiring. I need to think of something to reinvent my life soon, as Heather and Pat will be moving out of the lower level in a couple of months - far away, to Florida, even! Scott's hours hold steady at a good 70 hour week, with no sign of letting up for at least 18 months. Not sure a similar trek would work for us, but I'll find something. :) Time to move into the next phase of Life! Thanks for sharing your transitional and bonding goal. Glad you got a better hiking day, body-wise, despite the crazy snowfall.


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