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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Three New York Beauty blocks done this month and a Feathered Goose

I am now starting on the yellow corners for the Feathered Goose quilt.  I have 6 red blocks done and one yellow.  I need 5 more yellows.

I managed three New York Beauty blocks this week.  The bottom right one was pretty different from the way I pieced it.  I didn't like the block so I drew lines in on the rings where I thought they would look good.  I guess I ended up with a dangerously spiky block with  a big red diamond in the center.  It feels a bit like crab legs sticking out.  I kind of like it.


  1. The Feathered Goose blocks look fabulous! And the American Beauty blocks look great too.

  2. I love the dangerously spiky, crabby diamond block. It really takes NY Beauty up a notch.

  3. So beautiful! Wish I had time for this. Keep up the great work.


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