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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Deana: 6 & 6 Challenge

Hello blogland!  Are you getting in some happy sew days this winter?  I am.  Sewing really keeps me going through the cold of winter.

I am joining the 6 & 6 in 2018 Challenge hosted by Anne and Meredithe.  You work on 6 old projecs and 6 new ones in 2018.  I am excited about this challenge because I do have a few "new" projects I really want to sink my teeth into this year.  I have spent the past few years getting those UFOs done with great success.  Now I want to play with new ones while I finish some old ones.

I have joined Patchwork Times UFO challenge, so I have already flagged 12 UFOs for 2018 to finish.  They can be found at the link above.  I am also doing Lynette's 18 in 2018 UFO challenge which means there are 6 more quilts to finish in 2018.  They are also listed in the above link.  Now I want to list some "new" starts for 2018 for the 6 & 6 challenge.

1.  Up on the HouseTop by Janet Nesbitt

Here are the reindeer fabrics. I also have the Santa fabrics selected but they are not pictured.

The next three projects will all be made sort of together because the flowers in the bee quilt are also in the next two quilts.  I am making all three quilts in the same color families so the blocks can be made at the same time.

2.  Crazy Busy Bees by Janet Nesbitt

The flower fabrics for the flower blocks in all three quilts are featured below and in the exact order I plan to layer them in.  I think it is obvious that I am excited about these projects because they are SO READY to start cutting into.  I just need to make the fabrics fat quarter size first.

3.  My Favorite Things by Janet Nesbitt 

The fabric below are for my bees and the sashing on "My Favorite Things" quilt.  I'm doing green/blue fabric for one of the sashing triangles and either the red or orange for the other.  I will also need another black from my stash and backgrounds.

4.  Chicks in the Garden by Janet Nesbitt

Here are the fabrics I have selected for my chicks.  They will be layered in the exact order I have arranged in the photo.  Buggy Barn patterns require you to layer the fabrics and cut them all at once in layers of 5ish, then you rotate certain ones to the back.  The magic happens when you discover what each block looks like as you sew them up.  It is so much fun!  I am adding in more background fabrics than the one in the photo because I want my birds to pop.

The extra chicks will go into the "Favorite Things" quilt featured above.

5.  Bear Paw Cabin Quilt

I designed and made this quilt a few years ago with the help of my sisters.  Now I want to make one for my son.  This is what it will look like and the fabrics I have selected.

6.  To be determined as the year goes by...
There are a couple of other Buggy Barn style quilts I want to make but I also want to do a Crab Apple Hill hand embroidery Christmas Quilt, a Dresdon Christmas Quilt, and a New York Beauty with Marie when she is ready.  There is no way I will start them all this year unless I get lots of UFOs done first.  We shall see what the year brings.

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Chris said...

I guess you really like Janet Nesbitt designs don't you?

Georgi said...

I love the Janet Nesbitt patterns you've chosen for this year ~ would you believe I've never heard of her??? And your choice in fabrics for every one is gorgeous! I can't wait to see these come together. :) Good luck with the 6 & 6 challenge!

newsurfiegirl said...

Wow some fun quilts to work on this year! Good luck with all of your goals it looks like you are in for a busy year of sewing.

Jo said...

Your fabrics are a great choice and your sons quilt will look lovely

evaj said...

Thank you for your participation at the Show and Tell Monday. Hug Bambi

Marsha Cooper said...

After only completing a few of my 17 from last year, and those were mostly projects that had a deadline, I think I will stick with the 6 & 6 even though I probably have well over 30 projects actually started!