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Friday, July 22, 2016

Deana: One quilted and another top ready to quilt!

Hello blogland!  It has been too long since my last post but I have been out playing!

This is my sister's quilt.  We made it in a family round robin, so I sewed up a half a column on it a few years ago.  It was too small for her so she made this beautiful border.  Don't you just love it?  I told her I would make the border fit the quilt and I only had to piece four more blocks.  We nearly ran out of fabric, but we made it!  I get to quilt this one - yay!

I quilted Becky's Braid - yay!  I can cross another one off the list and it is a good feeling.  This was a fun one to quit because it is so beautiful.

This purple quilt was a family round robin, so I did sew one row together.

The back doesn't show the quilting.

I also have this quilt of Mom's up on the frames and hope to finish the basting today.  I have 19 quilts ready to quilt so I had better sew sew sew!

I was invited to teach and give a trunk show at our local quilt guild of which I have not been a member of for over ten years.  When I started working I could no longer to daytime and in another city besides.  Anyway, I taught how to add pieced borders to quilts and make them fit.  I also demonstrated mitered corners and y-seams.  

The trunk show was the most fun.  I brought 87 quilts.  Can you believe it?  My husband said it was overkill and he was right.  I started gathering quilts from my Mom and sisters and that is how many I came up with.  Unbelievably, I there are many more that I didn't even gather up or take from my house.  Anway, I took some photos of the piles in my house after loading one car.  Yes, it took two cars to get them all there.

Here are the ones in the back hatch of my car.
 And here is the back of Mom's car.

 These photos are my back seat.
 And the other side of my back seat...

I organized the quilts into piles with titles such as:  holiday quilts, online quilt bees and projects, family round robins, friend round robins, Jessi's Medallion, windmill quilts,  no category quilts, mystery quilts, Orphan quilts, Amish quilts, Grandma Quilts, Row Quilts, etc...  Mom and I had quite a laugh at how ridiculously huge our piles of quilts were.  We certainly made memories together and showing and telling each quilt's story also brought back memories.

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Gemini Jen NZ said...

Your quilts are lovely, I really like the first one with all the colours. What a lot of quilts for the trunk show - and here was I thinking I had a few too many quilts around the place, but you've put me to shame! Enjoy sharing them.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

EIGHTY-SEVEN!! Seriously? That is only slightly more than double our state's quilt show each year! We have 700+ members contributing.

mangozz said...

I love that blue and purple quilt! It is just gorgeous!

Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge said...

Lovely finish! And that quilting! Wow! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!