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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Deana: Priceless Quilter's Christmas

Every year my little group of sewing friends meets for dinner at a local restaurant where we give a quilt as a gift to each other.  The first year we drew names but now we just have a rotation.  We each make one quilt, usually wall hanging size, to give.  

Through the years we have had friends come and go.  Usually they moved away or their lives became busy.  We now have a solid 6 who participate every year and have from the beginning.  

Here are some photos, although not good ones, of this year.  I am missing photos of 3 quilts - sorry.

I received these two this year from Linda.  I made her a mini "Omigosh" quilt so I think that is why she felt she needed to make two.  I love them!

Below are some photos of quilts I have received from my Priceless Quilter's group through the years.  We have done this for over ten years.  It is a lovely tradition of the love of friends.

The one on the right in the photo below was a Christmas gift.  The one on the left is a little quilt I won.

Below are some I have made in Christmas' past for my Priceless friends.

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Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

That looks like you all had a fun time together. What a great idea to make and give a quilt each year too.

Vera said...

What a variety of style and design! Cool.

Ann T. said...

Wow, such treasures!

Jo said...

Wow... They are lovely

Esther Aliu said...

How nice to be meeting up and sharing your work like this, I think each one is wonderful, what a talented bunch of ladies you are!

Lorna McMahon said...

Looks like a fun group of girls! And a beautiful array of eye candy. Thanks so much for sharing!

Margaret said...

What a lovely group of quilts and friends. Each quilt is so different, yet each is beautiful. I think that any of us with good friends and the time to enjoy those friendships are very lucky.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

There is a lot of impressive work to admire here! I am particularly drawn to the red Christmas tree with teardrop shapes, the wreath and the bluework snowmen (adorable).