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Monday, September 8, 2014

Deana: Around the World Blog Hop

Thanks Esther, at ipatchandquilt, for the invitation to join the fun!  If you haven’t seen Esther’s work, be ready to be amazed!  She is fabulous quilter.
Welcome! If this is your first visit, I hope you explore beyond this post. Visit the special pages section on the right.
1) What am I working on?
- See more at: France, at, for the invitation to join the Around the World Blog Hop.  
Your stop today on the "Around the World Blog Hop" is Cleveland, Utah.  It is a tiny little town of 500 and most Utahns have not even heard of it. 
Thank you France, from, for the invitation to participate.  France is extremely talented with needle and thread or yarn in hand as she has mastered embroidery, applique', knit, crochet, hand quilting, and even hexies among other things.  What really caught my eye was her detailed workmanship on her house quilt blocks.  I have a soft spot for blocks with houses on them - they are my favorite!  She made hers really come alive with every embroidery stitch in the book.  Also, the banner across the top of her blog features a beautiful hand quilted quilt with piecing and embroidery.
Welcome! If this is your first visit, I hope you explore beyond this post. Visit the special pages section on the right.
1) What am I working on?
- See more at:
Thanks Esther, at ipatchandquilt, for the invitation to join the fun!  If you haven’t seen Esther’s work, be ready to be amazed!  She is fabulous quilter.
Welcome! If this is your first visit, I hope you explore beyond this post. Visit the special pages section on the right.
1) What am I working on?
- See more at:
 This blog hop has real purpose in introducing quilters to other quilt bloggers from around the world.  I recommend taking the time to browse back through the links to meet many inspiring and talented people.  We are asked to answer three questions and show some of our work.  We also tag other quilt bloggers so they can take a turn show casing their work.

  •  Below is a link to a blog friend whom I tagged for you to visit next Monday, September 15th.  Her name is Valerie and she hosts my favorite linky party every Tuesday called Tuesday Archives.  She gives us a fun topic and we search through our quilting past to find projects that fit the topic and share them with each other.  Her projects are creative, fun, inspirational, and include a variety of techniques.
  • I also tagged Esther Aliu who wanted to post on the 15th but had a major struggle finding someone to tag.  She has decided not to post, but I hope you will all visit her blog anyway because it is a stop you just cannot miss.  She can be found at and am pretty sure her work is professional; it is the most inspiring of its kind.  She designs the most intricate hand applique projects I have ever seen and hosts a BOM with each new project.  It must take her months and months to complete just one quilt.   
  • I am also linking up today with Stitch by Stitch, "Anything Goes Monday".

First off I want to give a brief history about this blog which was established in 2008 in honor of my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother Dorinda Moody.  I discovered quilting years before I discovered her, but I gained a deep love and respect for Grandma as I found us to be kindred spirits.  She was an industrious woman who pioneered the West as she settled in Pine Valley, Utah with her family.  She grew her own cotton to make her own batting, hand dyed her fabrics from local plants, and made award winning quilts which nearly every family in her small community possessed.  She also won best of show at the world fair in Chicago on a quilt she designed and made.  In her memory, my mother Lyn, her two cousins, Marie and Ann, and myself remade Dorinda's masterpiece quilt at which time we started this blog.   Those quilts are featured in the banner at the top of this blog with the four of us.  Another cousin, Dorine, also remade a different quilt of Dorinda's featured here.  See all the posts about the entire project here.  We all visited Pine Valley together in 2010 to see the little church where she worshiped and served as the Relief Society President for her ward for about 30 years. She was and we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It was an emotional experience for us - see the post here.  Dorinda was also a very small woman, around 5 ft tall, and was able to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.  I too am about 5 ft tall and have her genetic gift of speed.

Below is a photo of my Dorinda re-make which I started in 2008.  I have a goal to complete the hand quilting this year.  My mother and I chose to hand dye our fabrics in her memory using professional dyes from Dharma.  I did my best to recreate the pattern from photos of her quilt, the original of which I have never seen.  I love the look of scrappy (various) background fabrics.  It gives it an "old" look to me.  The applique' is all done by hand.
 Before quilting...

 Mostly quilted...

I had to take it off the frames to hand quilt a quilt for a lady and never got back to it.

1- What am I working on?

I get bored working on the same thing too long, so I have many projects going at once.  Currently I am heading a new project called "Quilter's Garden Mystery Row Swap.  It will feature things found in a quilter's sewing room and flowers.  It is open to anyone.  A new row pattern will be released the first of each month and we started in September.  Lake comers are welcome, and the rules can be found here.  For those who don't want to participate, the pattern for the sewing machines can be found here.  Here are my little sewing machines.
 I am also making a horse quilt for my cowboy son - age 17.  It will be a surprise for Christmas so I have to be pretty sneaky about working on it.  I just finished all of the applique, so far, which will need a little more when I add the next round to the circle.  This will be the center of a queen sized quilt and will feature silhouettes of horses and cowboys in the borders.  The applique is mostly hand done except where I have double fused (front and back) to create a 3-dimensional mane.
I also have a Dear Jane quilt in progress of which I hope to finish the center blocks by the end of the year.  I make two blocks a week.
I am also doing some machine quilting.  The windmill quilt is for my daughter (age 20) for Christmas and is basted and ready for quilting.  I have to finish it before November because she will return home from a church mission in Russia at that time and it will be impossible to hide it from her if I am working on it.

I made this nearly identical quilt for my other daughter (age 19) for Christmas.  The pattern for this quilt is almost ready.  You can find my other patterns here, and I anticipate this Windmill pattern will be ready tomorrow.  I have many patterns I am working to convert to PDF downloads, so check back regularly.

 Here are the two quilts side by side.

I am also quilting my mom's birthday fabric quilt.  All of us daughters and daughters-in-law pitched in to buy her birthday fabric and this quilt is what she made from it:

I am also trying to finish my Christmas Log Cabin quilt this year.
It is the same pattern as a quilt I finished for my daughter this year.

The various log cabin blocks inspired me to design and make this quilt for my daughter's future wedding.  I call it Jessi's Medallion and the pattern can be found here.  I plan to get it basted for quilting very soon.

2- How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Versatility is my thing.  Some quilters favor applique or foundation piecing or whatever, but I just do it all and mix it all together.  I think the variety really keeps me entertained.  I hand quilt; machine quilt; hand embroidery; do curved, foundation, folded insert, and strip piecing; applique using a variety of methods, and anything else I can get my needle into.  I have played with fabric dyeing and painting as well as thread work/thread painting.  I am a jack of all trades and master of none.
3- Why do I write/create what I do?

Pure pleasure!  It just makes me happy. 

4- How does my writing/creative process work?

When I feel a surge of ideas coming on is when I start designing.  Sometimes fabric inspires me, but mostly I obtain inspiration from trying a new technique.  I love to learn any and all techniques and have learned that just watching or reading about it is not enough.  I always "try" it before I decide it is not for me.  There is something about experiencing a new technique, hands on, that helps me to accept it.  Once I learn something new, ideas begin to flow with what I can do with it in my own designs.

I love to design with a theme in mind.  Years ago I designed several Row quilts as shown below; I am now working to get the patterns PDF converted and available at Etsy and Craftsy.

 I claim my Barn quilt as my master design and hope to get back to it soon.


Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Wow!!!!Deana you sure did get your quilting and designing talent from your great, great (how many greats?) Grandmother. All the quilts are gorgeous!!!!!!!!! You and I are kindred souls for sure when it comes to having several projects going in different stages, lol!!! You should see how many things I have started and haven't finished yet.

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Master of none you say? I don't share that opinion. Your quilts and quilting are all gorgeous and stunning. You're certainly not afraid of working hard and for long hours on a single quilt--or on many complicated quilts at the same time, I should say. Good thing you were gifted with the gene of speed.
Your remake of Dorinda's quilt is so beautiful with the different shades of beige in the background. This is a detail that adds lots of character. As well as the beautiful hand quilting you've done with your family. What a great moment that must have been!
I love everything regarding history and it was with great pleasure that I read about your ancestor Dorinda and went through the posts you've published regarding her quilts and your visit of the little church. (Reading that made me realise that you started your Dear Jane in 2010 or before--what a work of patience!) You must be proud to have among your ancestor such a talented and generous lady.
I also wish to thank you for your words about me: I think you made me blush.

Schulz Family said...

visiting from anything goes Monday. Wow you do so much. Amazing. They really impress me

Wendy said...

wow, so many amazing quilts! I love your Dear Jane, I so want to make a rainbow one myself. I also really love teh quilts for your daughters.

it was fascinating hearing about your great great great great great grandmother, I can't imagine what life was like over there at that time.

Muv said...

Hello Deana,

So many beautiful and colourful quilts! The different coloured neutrals in the background of your Dorinda quilt really gives it character - a lovely touch!

France nominated me too, and it just so happens that I named my blog after my great great grandmother, who was the daughter of a tailor and mother and grandmother of tailoresses. Such a coincidence!

Love from England, Muv

Lara B. said...

Deana, you could bowl me right over looking at all the wonders you have created! I'm glad I didn't miss your post because it is really nice to read a little more about the background for your quilting journey. You are an amazingly versatile quilter - Master of Much, I say! And Yay! You got your Etsy shop rolling!

Cathy said...

Your projects never cease to amaze me! I am just thrilled with reading about your great(many times over) grandmother and her quilting. The quilts yall created are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing!