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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Deana: March goal report

Here were my March Goals:

1. Finish 8 more blocks in Dear Jane.  The patterns are shown below.  FINISHED MARCH 29TH.


Top row: 

H1 Peek-a-boo has 20 pieces and was paper pieced and regular pieced.

H2 Jacob Anthony has 22 pieces and was paper pieced.

Middle row:
H4 Abbey's Eyes has 9 pieces and was paper pieced.
H5 Michael's Motorcycles  has 22 pieces and was paper pieced.
G12 Gloriae has 39 pieces and was paper pieced and appliqued.

Bottom row:
G13 Molly's Muffins has 13 pieces and was regular pieced with some applique.
H3 Berry Baskets has 24 pieces and was paper pieced.
H6 Pie Sale has 18 pieces and was regular pieced and appliqued.

I quit keeping track of hours but so far the total number of pieces in my Dear Jane is 2,107.


2.  Hand embroider the "Holly" strip in my snowman quilt.  It is the blank strip under the music strip.


 You can barely see that I started it on the right side.

After:  Not quite finished yet in March.  FINISHED MAY 9, 2014

3. Finish this Windmill quilt top complete with borders.

Because of all the inquiries I have received over a pattern for this quilt, I am working on a pattern for it and will post it in my Etsy shop soon.  I will post a link on my blog when it is ready.  Please leave a comment with your email if you would like an email when it is ready.


After: Top done but not the borders.  FINISHED MAY 10, 2014

 Here is a photo of the progress I made on the borders.  It is a pieced border and a bit detailed. 

4.  Make 8 more Windmill blocks for the second quilt I am making out of them.  It is the exact same colors.
Finished March 31

5.  I hope to finish the quilting for Mom's quilt  in March.
Finished March 8th

6. Make ten more blocks in my Christmas Log Cabin quilt.


 7.  Finish kitting my round robin.  It needs to arrive at its new home by March 15th.  I cannot post a picture because it is a secret.  We all sent each other fabric and the receiver selects a pattern, cuts it out, kits it, and sews up the first kit.  The owner of the quilt will receive a finished quilt at the end.

Finished March 7, 2014

8.  Design a quilt for the red and white quilt challenge. 

Finished March 7th 2014 
The first one is for my daughter and is called Jessi's Medallion.  If you are interested in joining a sew-along for it please leave a comment.  More information here.

9.  Machine quilt and bind Jessi's Log Cabin.

Not Finished in March but FINISHED MAY 17, 2014.
I made progress but it is hard to see.  The threads you see are basting stitches.

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  1. Wow you are doing so well with all your finishes...I love the windmill quilt!

  2. You have been busy. Love Love your windmill quilt. Very striking.

  3. wow a lot of work, love the windmill quilt too !

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