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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deana: Today's projects

I thought I'd post all the the projects I hope to at least get a needle or rotary cutter in today.

Granny Went Star Crazy needs side borders and then another layer of half square triangle borders + and it will be FINISHED.
I've selected fabs for the block lotto.  They are supposed to be jewel tones on black.  I have to prewas the fabs, though because they require it.  Maybe I'll only get the washing done today.

For block lotto we are to make trees in what I'm calling Buggy Barn style.  They can be 6, 9, or 12 tall by 6 wide.  Below are the ones I've drawn up to try.  They are on freezer paper so they are curled a little.  We can only use two fabrics in a block and those two fabs change position in the second identical block.  FUN FUN FUN!  I'd love to win.

Next is a teaser because I CAN'T SHOW ANYONE YET.  This is part of my -- well nevermind -- I'll tell you next week.

And finally, this is Felicity's layer cake she finished at the Dorinda Retreat last June.  It is so much fun to quilt.  I hope she likes it.  (I'm barely started)


Marie said...

Really great projects Deana. Your Star Crazy is so nice. I never would have chosen those colors, but now that they are all together it looks so good. I can't wait to see what you are working on. It looks very fun, and very quilty. Felicities quilt turned out great.

Ann T. said...

I really love your Star Crazy. The Block Lotto looks interesting and fun. Love the projects you do. I have my first set of 1/2 square triangles on and am ready to put the little stars together. Was able to do a lot at Dora's this week. Her kids are less mischievous, but much busier than Marian's. Evenings packed with dance and ice skating lessons.