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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A trip to the past

Gary was gracious enough to photograph the five of us on the staircase of the Pine Valley church. 
This trip was meant to be the close of our two year long venture to make Dorinda's masterpiece quilt.  Marie and I have ours still on the quilting frames -- about half hand quilted.  Ann and Lyn completed theirs several months ago, and Dorine helped Ann hand quilt hers.  Dorine has also made another quilt of Dorindas.
Marie was able to play the old pump organ on our tour.  She played "The Spirit of God", and it was beautiful. 

This room was probably never occupied by Dorinda because she died before the upstairs of the church was completed.  Her daughter and my Great Great Great Grandmother, Eliza, attended church in this upstairs chapel.  Pictures of Dorinda and some of her works along with a plaque are on the wall in the back of the "stage area" of the chapel.

Here is another photo of the chapel.

This was an emotional experience to me.  My ancestors became so real to me just being here.

Dorinda's trunk that she brought all the way from Texas is sitting just behind Dorine to the very right of the picture.


Ann T. said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. LOVE them. We had such a great time.
You need to post your Mom's County Fair results on her quilt.

dj said...

I'll have to get the accurate ribbon info and do it.