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Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Progress Report:

1.  This week I got my February blocks for "Granny Went Star Crazy" completed with an additional 3 blocks to work ahead a little.  When the quilt is done, each background fabric around the stars will all match although each star will have a different background.

2.  I cut out two months worth of pieces/strips to begin sewing Omigosh (a Priceless Quilter's new project).

Here is a photo of what my friend's Omigosh quilt looks like.  The picture just doesn't cut it; it is spectacular!  The little squares are 1/2" finished.  It's truly incredible.  My friend Linda and I are sharing fabrics.  I have all the dark pieces and she is providing all the lights (all from our stash).

3. I began appliqueing my first Dorinda block.  It still needs 3 more yellow ovals and all the green to be completed.  I am very happy with the purple flowers instead of using red.

4.  I pieced my 3rd Dorinda block.
My Priceless Quilt Group is also starting a "Dear Jane" quilt along with the Cornwagon.  We pay $35 to join the "Support Group" at the Cornwagon Quilt Co. AND purchase the "Dear Jane" program (an online download) to get the patterns.  The project is planning a two year span to complete.  Here are some links I found to wonderful "Dear Jane" quilts:

Here's the main  web site.

I LOVE the border on this one -- it is not like the traditional quilt but it reminds me more of the border I fell in love with from the Springville Quilt Show.

I will very likely do my border more like this one. The fabric layout gives it an oblong oval shape rather than a crisp triangle shape.  I will, however, still make the original triangular blocks in the border, only with a twist.

I like the colors and solid background look in this one. I can't decide between this look or the shirtings look. Shirtings are more my taste.  Also, this site has wonderful photos of her progress which will help me on my journey.

This one is called Rainbow Jane and it is REALLY talking to me! I can't see myself doing the bright colors, but I may consider using the colors in the civil war fabrics and placing them in color coordinated sections such as this quilt has done.

I really like this one too.

 Cindy's is probably my favorite!

Here is Dear Jane's Little Sister and and sandya and karen


Ann T. said...

Go Girl!!!

Marie said...

Great progress! Can't wait to see your Omigosh and Dear Jane progress in the future. You are going to be really busy, but if anyone can do it, you can.