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Friday, April 3, 2009

Snowflakes yesterday

No, not snowflakes on the ground, although I hear the rest of the state is really getting it. I'm talking about snowflake quilts. Mary Hitchings from SLC came to show us her little creations. They were so beautiful.

She also showed us a stunning kaleidoscope quilt. Each piece is not stack n wacked but fussy cut. She allows the fabric to dictate the shape of each piece in the block.

Here is a close up of one block.

My dearest and long-time friends were there. This is Mariella Potter. She and I have been to many retreats together over the years including annual meeting and Bryce Canyon.

This is Linda Johnson. She has taught me so - so MUCH about quilting. She went with me to Bryce Canyon one year and we had a booth. We sold my patterns, fabric from our local quilt shop, ironing pads we'd made, iron cozies we'd made, and bags we'd made. It was fun and a lot of work.

This is Faye Torgerson. She was my supervisor while I was doing my student teaching many many years ago. She has now retired and started quilting. We meet at her home most Thursdays. She is a jewel!

This is Lorna, my mother-in-law. She was my first quilt teacher and the reason for this crazy bug that I have. She is also the reason for my wonderful husband being what he is. She has a long arm business and does amazing work! She still has so much to teach me.

The lady on the right is Christy and our instructor's sister-in-law. They lady on the left is my sweet friend, Theresa. She makes amazing quilts and they are usually done in duplicates. (She usually makes 3-4 of everything she makes). She is also our group's official fabric picker-outer. She is very talented at it.

These are our snowflakes up close. Mine is on the right.

Mary made this temple wall hanging. It is not very big -- beautiful!

Mary also made this one. It is even smaller than the temple. This is the one we want to make in the fall. You can get an idea on how small they are by viewing the photo from my personal blog.

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