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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 05, 2008 8:45 AM

We are almost ready to start applique'ing over here. We copied Dorinda's quilt and enlarged the pieces to the size we wanted, so we now have a full sized applique' pattern. I need to call and order me a 1/4" bias tape maker for the vines because I feel they need to be done first. My fabric is dyed (except I'm still deciding on green) and ready to start. Mom and Felicity will be getting their dye materials in the mail this week. I figured I would have to complete one side every 6-8 weeks in order to complete it by spring. I plan to make my blocks full size. My wall will showcase queen sized quilts, so size is not a problem for me.

Let me know if you or Ann need copies of the full sized applique' pattern. We blew it up and traced it onto freezer paper. I am going to make a reverse image by copying it onto transparency sheets (which can be flipped over) because the technique of applique' that I prefer requires you to draw the pattern on the wrong side of the background fabric.

I haven't gotten back to the paper piecing pattern yet. I'm certain it can be shrunk to any size. Mom was wondering if you would prefer to get together in Salt Lake City at your house this year. (If you still live there). She wondered if maybe it was closer for more people. It's not much further for me.

Here is the list of potential quilters:
Deana - Cleveland
Tracy - Idaho
Becky - Vernal
Felicity - Altamont
Jodi (likely not) - Altamont
Deb Butler - Huntington
Deb's daughter (Nickel) - Huntington
Mom - Altamont
Marie - SLC
Ann - SLC area
Deb Walker (mom's friend) - Altamont
Deb's daughter-in-law - SLC area

Not all of them will do the Dorinda quilt. Some just want to sew with us.

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