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Sunday, August 3, 2008

8/03/08 11:21 AM

Ann and I decided that we are not going to dye our fabric. She really doesn't have the time and I'd like to try it some time, but not right now.

I bought my fabric yesterday and am excited to get started. I want to make my quilt square too, but am thinking about making the blocks half the size of Dorinda's. I need to make a drawing of the block at that size (13-1/2") and see if I'm happy with it or not before I decide for sure. Are you doing your blocks the same size as the pattern? I guess if your paper pieced pattern is full-sized that I will just reduce it down by 1/2.

I can't wait to start appliquéing. I'd like to have it ready Tuesday to take with me on our trip because we will be doing lots of driving, but I'm not sure if I'll get it ready or not since there is so much else to do.

I love your idea for the back of the quilt. I'd like to do something on mine. I'm just not sure what or how yet.

Keep in touch.

Love ya,

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