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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8/13/08 10:49 AM


My plastic strips are like the metal ones. The way you are doing it sounds much better. I'll have to check it out when I go to the fabric store tomorrow.

I got an e-mail from Ann this morning and her daughter, Jennie, may do a quilt too. She is just getting into quilting. Her mother-in-law is a professional quilter; so she has been working with her some. Jennie is a darling, sweet girl. Also, I told my sister, Dorine, about the quilt, and she too wants to make a quilt. It's doubtful that she can come to retreat since she lives in Seattle, but she has already made one Dorinda quilt (the pine tree one) and has not appliqued much, but is interested in learning. She has the book with the patterns in already, but I'll send her my stuff and she can enlarge it if she wants to make a full size quilt. I think she'll have to think about it a little before she decides what to do. I suggested to both Ann and Dorine that if they are really worried about time they may want to do the border on the "Ode to Dorinda" quilt in the green book. It is beautiful, similar and a lot less work. I thought about doing it, but decided I wanted to do Dorinda's original.

Ann said that she has pictures of Dorinda and Eliza's gravesites up in Pine Valley. I think I have them on a CD here that Ann made. If I find it I'll e-mail them to you for your history.

Wow, this is just too much fun.

Love ya,

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