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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8/12/08 11:16 PM

Great news. I am excited to get going, just don't know when I will really get to it. I do better in winter, when there is not so much to do. I love to paper piece. I made a baby quilt that I just love, and have enjoyed that challenge. I would love to have both copies, and choose which will work best for my blocks. I would also like copies of your sunburst appliques.

don't know if you have been to Dorinda's gravesite. It is in Pine Valley, where she spent her winters making quilt blocks. Eliza is buried there too. I have pictures of all the gravesites back to Dorinda, if you would like to see them, I have them on a CD that I made for Mom's 80th birthday. I still have a few left.

It will be fun to get together and compare our blocks. I may get my daughter Jennie involved also. Her mother-in-law has a quilting machine that she is learning to use. We will see how her winter goes. She is expecting a baby in March, and so will have a quieter winter also.
Love, Ann

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