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Monday, June 12, 2023

15 min & Quilty Ladies progressing and a new mystery

Daisy is done!  Hooray!  I love these Crazy Quilty Ladies, but I really want to get this quilt done.  

Esther is progressing as well, but not quite finished. She will get neatly pressed when I am done scrunching her up while I embroider her measuring tape hair tie.

I also started a mystery quilt.  My friend, Janice, posted about it and I guess I got sucked in.  I enjoy mysteries, but what I love more is doing them with a friend.

The free spring, Mother's Day mystery is hosted by Laundry Basket Quilts.  Janice says she likes her mysteries better than some others.

My fabric selected began by searching my stash for 2 1/2 yards of background fabric.  I found this homeless/projectless Batik piece that has 3 yards.  Perfect.

Step 2:  find some greens because the first week of the mystery calls the blocks "stems" and I know there will be applique' flowers.  This bit was a little harder as my green stash is pretty low.  I chose a black instead.  The first month's blocks actually split the leaves into two fabrics, so I pulled a brown to accompany my black.  

Step 3:  find stash fabrics to go with my background and greenery/blackery.

I think they will all go very nice together.  Being able to make something beautiful out of leftover scraps and homeless fabric purchases really makes me smile.  Also, I prefer not to go out and purchase fabric for a mystery in case I don't end up loving the pattern.

This mystery is not very time consuming yet. 
Cut pieces...

Last week an attempt was made to make another exchange block:  Trip Around the World.  The only problem was the quilter requested solid black and mine was no where to be found.

As I was rummaging through the stash looking for fabrics to make my mystery out of, wa la...  It showed up.

Exchange Block - check!

Driving over the mountain to visit grands had a nice view. We should have snow up there for awhile considering all the wonderful snow we received last year.

The lakes are still thawing out.


15 Minutes to Stitch update:

My percent is coming up - yay!
Also, as you can see below, I have worked on a lot of different projects this month already.

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  1. It is always busy in and out of your sewing room. Love the crazy ladies. Fun times with the grandies. It is good feeling to see progress on the "to do lists".

  2. Those crazy ladies are fun and cute! I love the start of the mystery too, pretty fabrics. Choosing black for the stem is a great idea!
    Thank you for sharing your projects, and linking up!

  3. Your ladies are such fun. Love your fabric pull for the Mystery quilt. xx

  4. Those quilting ladies are really fun! Enjoy the new mystery. I definitely enjoy a good mystery quilt (and book too).

  5. Those ladies are fabulous. Sooo cute. Nice choice of fabric for the mystery.

  6. The ladies are fabulous, but I don't do that kind of FPP, only straight lines, and not much of that. I like Brenda at Conquering Mount Scrapmore on YouTube, both for scrap ideas and FPP. I like her voice and sense of humor and her personality, too. Your new mystery looks good. 5 weeks is probably too far behind now, though.


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