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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Deana: Horse silhouettes updated

I now have three sides of the silhouettes complete and the top and bottom rows are attached.  One more to go which I should have completed by the end of the day.  Sorry about the sunlight coming through the window.

Below is a closeup of my brother's family all holding hands.  I just love how it looks.  Next to it is my niece Bailey when she was small feeding a horse from a bucket.

Below shows Mom and Dad together and my Dad's horse drawn limo.  Those wheels were so tedious but look great!  

I managed to get all of Dad's grandchildren onto the quilt along with his brother, father, sons, and father-in-law - well sort of.  Grandpa Winkler is in the back of the wagon on the way to the cemetary to lay his body to rest.  It might sound strange to you, but it was a very special day for us as my Dad was able to make his final wish come true by doing this last service for him.

Every silhouette on the quilt is an actual picture of someone loved by Dad.  I enlarged them to the size I wanted, cut them out, and flipped them over to see if they made a good silhouette or not.  It takes time but is so rewarding.  

 I keep a large quilt hanging on the wall at my house.  I like to change it with the seasons and my mood.  Currently I have my sons quilt on the wall and my Dad's quilt (made by mom except the silhouettes) on the floor.  It is fun to see them together and make comparisons to their individual silhouettes.

The center horse is not my design.  I purchased it and enlarged it considerably.  It has 3D mane sticking up on the ends and makes it look very real and windblown.  The circle around the horse is my design and the idea to use real silhouettes of people we love was my husband's brilliant idea.

Here is a close up of my son't quilt on the wall.

I am nearly finished basting this pinwill quilt for Mom and hope to start quilting today or Monday.  We made it for her in a round robin a few years back.  Mom had purchased fat quarter bundles for all of us for Christmas.  We decided to draw names and send them off to each other to plan a quilt with the fabric.  Next, we passed them around each month round robin style and had a fun surprise at the end when we all received out fat quarter bundles back in the form of a finished quilt top.  It is so much fun!  We do it every year.

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France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Please, Deana, don't be sorry for the sun appearing on your quilt. Sunny days are a blessing. And I like the warm color it gives your quilt. I also like the family silhouette. :-)

Frances said...

Great setting for your quilt, it looks great.

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Paula Louceiro said...

Loved all details on your quilt. So nice designs and so beatiful color choice.
And speaking of beatiful designs, let me ask you. There will be a QAL this year?

Ann T. said...

It just keeps getting better and better. Both you and your Mom have done such a beautiful job. The silhouettes are outstanding!!!