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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

I spent Saturday with one of my daughters and my mother.  We went to the HMQS in SLC and then went shopping.  It was a WONDERFUL day!

Here is the fabric Mom selected for her hexagon quilt.  I gave her the snowman "repeats" fabric because I had enough for two quilts.  I'll make mine up at a later time.  She selected a blue/white background fabric, red for the borders around the hexagon blocks, and two shades of brown for her medallion center.  She plans to use the darkest brown for her spikes inside the blocks and the red for the teardrops.  We got enough of the light brown and red for borders so she can choose later.
Here is a photo of the last hexagon quilt she made.  We did these for our first ever family quilt retreat in 2004.  Deb, Deana, Becky, Lyn, and Loretta were all in attendance and ALL have finished their quilts since.  Most of the quilt top was completed at the retreat because this one is a fast one to make.

Here are some links to the others I have photos of:
Here is a link to the original Hexagon quilt that I designed.  It is only basted and partially quilted.

I also took a photo of Mom's finished Dorinda quilt to show.  Her hand quilting is so STUNNING!  She truly is a master at her craft.

Here is a "Double Wedding Ring" she pieced and handquilted several years ago. She loves pastels. It is so beautiful!

Here is a close up of the hand quilting.  It was tightly quilted motiff.

...and the back.  Instead of a traditional binding, Mom crocheted the edge of the quilt.

This is another quilt we did at a retreat just two years back.  It is probably one of my absolute favorites that she has made. 

Mom made her quilt edge very unique by leaving off the background fabric filler triangles.  She also hand crocheted the quilt edge rather than binding it.  This is truly a WOW QUILT!
Again, she hand quilted this one as well.  This quilt, by the way is HUGE!  It hangs very long over the edge of a queen sized bed.

The mariner compass blocks have fussy cut centers using "mirror image" fabric. The mirror image is achieved by actually using the back of the fabric for half of the pieces. It is so STUNNING!

We all made this mariner's compass quilt at our 2008 family retreat.  Those in attendance were Deb, Deana, Tracy, Felicity, and Mom.  Here are some links to the quilts that I have pictures of:

Here is Mom's "Briar Rose" quilt.  It is a Buggy Barn pattern that we did at our 2006 family quilt retreat.  Lyn, Deana, Felicity, Deb, and Becky were all in attendance.  Deb and I made a "cat" Buggy Barn pattern instead.  ALL of our quilts are completely finished and quilted since this retreat.
...and the hand quilting...
Here is an old round robin quilt Mom just finished the quilt top for.  I LOVE it and it brings back so many memories of friends and family who participated.  Mom selected a "Chevron Braid" for the border.  It is perfect.  I made the large watering can block in the center with the 3D flower and crow on it. 
What a darling country quilt!  Mom requested watering cans, milk cans, and birdhouses when she sent this round robin around.

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  1. They are all gorgeous. So much detail on your Dorinda quilt, Lyn. No wonder you broke so many needles. If I had more room to set up a quilt, maybe I would do more detail on my quilting.
    I am trying to decide what to do with my Briar Rose. Jennie's mother-in-law keeps offering to do it on her long arm, and I may let her do that.


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