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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

To Do Tuesday and 15 Minutes

To Do Tuesday

Last Week:

1.  ✔Quilt panels for a new Boundless Bag 

- I got much further.  The bag is complete except for the binding edge.  It has been fun and simple.

The inside.  I added side pockets.

2.  ✔Piece the boat sheds in my Aussie/NZ quilt.  I am behind on this BOM.  I can't wait to see this come together.

3.  Cut out my Hussey Mystery pieces (the lady hosting it has a last name of Hussey).  

4. Do some hand applique' and embroidery in the evenings while camping (Let's Bake)

-Layer cake, sifter, and jam are complete.  I have a few more pretty close.

5.  Piece week 1 of my Hussey Mystery and start on week 2 

6.  Go shopping in my stash to figure out fabrics for my new Vesta Row of the Month

-The pieces and papers are cut and ready to sew

This week's goals:
1. Finish binding my bag
2. Do some Hussey Mystery sewing
3. Prep Fishy Business for applique'
4. $ BB Kaffe, Country Rose, and Jewel of the Caribbean. 
5. Paper Piece Vesta
6. More hand work on Let's Bake while playing in Moab

15 Minutes Report

Link to Video of my baby horse.  

Sad note to end on...
Another one of our mares had a baby today.  When I went out to check on it, the foal was dead.  We have no idea what happened.  Poor momma was nuzzling it trying to get it to get up and move.  The foal was a beautiful little filly buckskin, my husband's favorite.  She was beautiful.


  1. Well done . The bag looks great.

  2. So sad about your filly.
    Vesta sounds interesting. How are the patterns printed. Is it on fabric or paper

  3. So sorry the little filly didn't survive. Hopefully, mama is still doing well. Good luck with your to do list. Yeah for still being at 100% on stitching time. It has to get harder the next few months as school starts winding down for the summer.

  4. So sad about your filly. The poor mum.
    You have plenty to keep you occupied...the bag looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the boat sheds in the Aussie/NZ quilt.

  5. Oh no :( I love your bag though.

  6. Oh how sad! That would break my heart to see.

  7. How sad, losing the little filly.

  8. That is sad indeed! I echo Rebecca's words.
    Meanwhile, I so admire anyone who can sew something useful like your beautiful bag!

  9. glad you clarified number 3!!
    Sorry about momma mare, don’t we wish they could understand us so we could explain ?


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