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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Another linky post...

15 Minutes Report:

To Do Tuesday Report

Last week:

Enjoy time with two of my grand sons for their birthday trip.  I have 5 of them, but the others already had their outing with grandma.  We camped without electricity which meant I was limited to hand work.  ✔

I took my hexies for the mystery. 

The hexies are done!

After I returned home from the camp out, I got all but three of them glue basted and ready for applique' 

One quarter of the quilt has all of the applique' turned under and glue basted to the background.  I love it!  This may possibly be the best mystery I ever joined!

This week's To Do List:
1. Hand applique' the rest of my flower stems I received from a block swap.
2. Applique' the quarter panel that is ready.
3. Piece one Celestial Star
4. Figure out how to finish Crazy Quilty ladies and where to put the scissor blocks.  These scissors are so small (4 1/2)  and took forever to make!  I also found several mistakes in the pattern which was a little not cool. I am very happy they are done!

5. Prep another quarter panel of my Laundry Basket Mystery Quilt.
6. Piece two exchange blocks
7. Finish cutting out the rest of my pineapple Tula Pink background.  It finally arrived in the mail.

I had car troubles this week. I think it is time to get a new one.  It was a year ago this week when my tire fell off going down the interstate.  This time it was just the alternator, but still.  Anyway, it kind of held me back from driving to visit a friend who lives too far away.


  1. neat looking block with the hexies in it and applique - nice combo

  2. That mystery project is just gorgeous! Glad you had a chance to camp with the grandsons. Car trouble is no fun at all. My Guy needs to get a new one too (his is 24 years old) but he's having a hard time deciding what he wants.

  3. Pleased you were able to do a little hand sewing while camping with those cute GSs.
    Yes the Mystery blocks is gorgeous.

  4. a new car??? very exciting . . if it happens....that mystery block is really gorgeous. The scissor blocks??? OMGosh...tiny

  5. Making lovely memories with the grandchildren. A new car sounds exciting.

  6. You are so blessed to have those cute grands! I am loving your mystery so far...

  7. I love how you're breaking up your work on the 2023 Pennsylvania mystery quilt.

  8. Great family photos, and your blocks are all wonderful. Kind of scary what is happening with your car!

  9. Not good when you keep having car troubles.

  10. What a beautiful mystery quilt!!! It has everything--piecing, EPP and appliqué!!! I love the photos with your grandsons!!! BTW, I think you commented on my blog--thank you!!! I replied on my blog since your email wasn't attached. Please go back to see my replies--thanks!!!


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