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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Visiting grands this past week. I have 8 of them.

These 4 are all siblings!  We spent the day playing while their parents were working cows.

This is their momma.  She is a pretty good rider and roper.

Newest little right here!  I am a proud granny.

Lovely daughter with her baby.

These 4 are siblings.

More photos of the kiddos...

The twins are shown below bottle feeding a calf.  They have two babies without mommas that stay in the yard so they can be fed and loved.  It is so good for the kids and the calves.

Most of the family minus a son-in-law.  My husband's brother's family is also in the photo.  I cannot find the photo of just our family. 

Son and his wife on the far left.
Front row:  both of my daughters and one son-in-law
All the grands are scattered in.
My husband and I are in the middle.


  1. What a lovely family - and all those granchildren!! xx

  2. Lovely family photos, I can see a family likeness to you of your daughter and granddaughter.

  3. Lovely family memories. Like Jude, I can see the family resemblance.

  4. Lovely memories in the making for all involved.

  5. Wonderful family photos Deana. Your daughter and her babies have the same beautiful eyes.

  6. What lovely memories - hard to believe you are a grandmother!

  7. These are such awesome photos of your beautiful family! Congratulations on your new grandbaby!

  8. Lots of fun with them...... OMG your daughter looks just like you


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