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Saturday, January 21, 2023


 Deana is a great inspiration. I can't believe how much she accomplishes. On the other hand, I am pretty slow at getting my quilts finished, and even slower at posting photos of them. It seems that I would rather sew than blog, but today I wanted to post photos of the quilts I have finished since my last post. 

I quilt my quilts on my domestic sewing machine. They do not turn out as nicely as those done on a long arm, but I am getting better with each quilt. By the time I retire from quilt making (no, never!) maybe I will have it perfected. Until then, I have a lot of fun with it.

I made two Windmill quilts from Deana's pattern. I love how different they look even though they are the same pattern. Both of these quilts were wedding gifts for grandchildren.

I named this quilt "Prints Charming" simply because that is the name of the line of fabric that I used. It is  Moda fabric. I didn't have a pattern for this one, but it was easy to make with a couple of Jelly Rolls.

I just finished this quilt. I love this quilt and I'm keeping this one for me to go on a twin bed in my guest room. This pattern is from Melissa Corry at "Happy Quilting" ( The fabric line I used is "Peacock Plumes" by Island Batiks. 


  1. Your quilting is just beautiful!! The two Windmill quilts do look very different--each one lovely...nice works hugs, Julierose

  2. Oh wow Marie! Your quilts and the quilting is all so beautiful. Looking at the last photo, it looks like you decided to quilt it a little bit like we talked about - how gorgeous!

    You have been pretty busy sewing lately!

  3. What beautiful quilts! I love the windmill quilts - just can't decide which colourway I prefer as they are both gorgeous. xx

  4. All of your quilts turned out beautifully. The piecing on all those quilts is gorgeous! The quilting looks good too, only you know where the imperfections are. No one else would notice. Congrats on all the finishes.

  5. Marie's quilts are all lovely and she's done fabulous quilting.

  6. So many beautiful quilts Marie.


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