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Monday, January 3, 2022

Hooray for 2021!

It really was a pretty good year - 2021.

I gained a lovely daughter-in-law, received a precious new grandson, lost a brother-in-law (D), lost grandpa's sister and my dear sweet Marie, Anne, and Dorine's mother, lost my dear dear quilting friend (Hazel), and made great memories with friends and family.  I had meaningful, almost daily experiences with close friends who lost their spouses this year.  I learned so much from them about how to persevere through difficult experiences and that God is always with you through those hard days.  I learned how to be a better listener as well as a minister to those who are suffering.  I learned that these dear sweet women need hugs and support and a friend to get them out of the house once in awhile.

I purchased less fabric and more clothes.  I took my grands out for a day on their birthdays with grandma - starting a new tradition.  There was my first ever Christmas with my sweetheart - alone.  I rode my pedal bike with my sweetheart for 60ish miles as we began our non-motorized trek northbound.  (As you might recall, we did this a couple of years ago and went south.)  My husband bought me a dirt bike and this 50+ woman is learning how to ride.  I got shingles and recovered.  I was protected from Covid.  We went to Salmon, Idaho for a lovely little family get-together where I rode E-bikes for the first time and fell in love with them.  I traveled by train (first time) to a cute little town one state to the East for a lovely weekend with my daughter's family. My knowledge was expanded through learning basic coding  in Python language and having to teach it to my students.  There were hikes and rock crawling in trucks.  There was definitely self-improvement progression in physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual ways.

On a sewing note, I finished a few quilts and whittled my UFO list down to only 8 moving into 2022.

Here goes the quilt summary...

  • Dear Jane = DONE!
  • Feathered Goose = DONE!
  • Tom Turkey = DONE!

  • Diamond Hill = DONE!  (Well it is at the quilters and binding is ready to go once it returns)
  • Justin's Medalion = DONE!

Sweet-n-Simple = DONE!

  • Frog Round Robin = DONE!
  • Justin's Windmill = DONE (no finished photo but it is quilted and bound)
  • Memory Round Robin = DONE!

Country Barnyard = DONE!

New York Beauty =DONE!

Arizona = DONE!

Garden Party = DONE!

Progress was made on:

Assisting Mom with Lakeshore Hasta

Color My World BOM


Made only one princess block - Princess Aurora

Sand Dollar

I made a total of 316 blocks in 2021.

I participated in the 350 blocks challenge by Prairie Moon this year.  

Dec blocks made:  22

Total YTD:  316


  1. What a list!! Amazing achievement, and some wonderful quilts.

  2. You have had a fantastic year. You worked on and completed some beautiful quilts.

  3. A challenging year with ups and downs..... Lots of great projects with wide variety..... Date I ask what is python language?

  4. 2021 was a year of ups and downs for you a d lots of learning experiences. You have finished stunning quilts. I have a new e bike and love it!

  5. Isn’t it amazing how much happens in one year - both good and bad? You had a great quilt year. Looking forward to 2022 with you.

  6. such beautiful quilts to show for 2021....and lots of fun experiences....a happy new year to come!

  7. What an amazing year, in retrospect...I am so enjoying your quilts; just beautiful!

  8. A great roundup of the year. You should be very proud of your achievements in all aspects of your life.


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