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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I Like Thursday #21

 Another good week has passed, and it is time to post something good.

I like the quilt I just finished and love having a finish.

1. Garden Party received its final stitches on the binding Monday night while in a...

2. Quilty Zoom Meeting, which, by the way, is another happy thought of this past week.  Thank you Chooky!

3.  I received this beautiful vase of flowers for speaking at a church meeting Sunday.  Myself and another lady who spoke were gifted the beautiful flowers that adorned the chapel.  

This was also my One Monthly Goal, as well as my Patchwork Times UFO Challenge #7, and my first finish of 2021.

4.  My brother, his wife, and family came to visit last week.  It was wonderful!

5. I got my first dose of the Covid-19 shot today.

I am linking up with:

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  1. Very nice flowers and a lovely finish.

  2. Such a wonderful quilt, love everything about it. Congratulations to this beautiful finish. Good meeting you at the Zoom party, was wonderful to see everyone again in person.

  3. The gorgeous quilt and cushions look perfect next to the beautiful flowers..
    Sadly missed Zoom meeting as I was driving home from Perth...

  4. I just love your quilt and the added pillows are fabulous! That was nice to receive the flowers for speaking. I’m sure everyone enjoyed your lecture too.

  5. What pretty flowers - that was so nice of them to give them to you two. Congratulations on the very nice finish! It really is a cheery quilt, I like it, too!

  6. Great quilts. And beautiful flowers! Yay for zoom. And especially yay for the vaccine!

  7. Yay on a wonderful finish! I just love the cheeriness of this piece.

  8. Gorgeous work! This is such a beautiful garden. Way to start of 2021 with a big finish.

  9. Very pretty flowers, it is special to be gifted them. Wel, done on the finish of your garden quilt. I enjoy your Thursday happy posts.

  10. so nice to have you zoom with us did great getting the binding done.....I missed saying goodbye......not sure if that was when the power died for a few hours here.....glad you got your first are you after it any side effects?

  11. Beautiful flowers and look how nice they look enhancing your newly finished quilt! ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Yahoo! A finish! Nothing better to make everyone happy! Makes for a very satisfying week, doesn't it?

  13. Great quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  14. What a neat quilt. Great finish. Also a wonderful list of likes. Oh and your flowers are gorgeous.

  15. Hooray for the quilt, the flowers, AND the vaccine! Working our way out of this plague, one shot at a time!

  16. Love your garden quilt! How perfect that your were given flowers to use in your photo. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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