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Thursday, October 1, 2020

I Like Thursday #8

Note to Blog Friends:  Once again Blogger has changed something to where my comments are not coming into my email.  Please be patient while I figure it out.  I will send you thank you messages once it is sorted out.

I Like Thursday gives me a weekly reason to think about good things that happened over the past week.  Thanks Lee Anna at  Not Afraid of Color for the Thursday happy links!

#1:  Learning

I have been taking an online class for more ideas as a school teacher.  I teach Digital Literacy and have predominantly been teaching Microsoft products as  that is what my district wants me to do.  With so many online learners, I need to use Google products.  This class is giving me great and fun ideas.  Today I created this menu.

#2:  Rock Climbing
I also went rock climbing with my son and his girlfriend.

#3 Family:

I also got to see 4 of my grands for a weekend.  This one had a birthday.


  1. Bah on blogger with email issues. I have two people who NEVER show up on email. That rock you climbed is really cool looking! Happy birthday little one!

  2. Awwww, happy happy birthday to your sweet grand who got to celebrate a birthday. That rock climbing looks seriously hard and slightly scary. Did you enjoy the outing with your peeps? It looks like it was a beautiful day for the outing. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Everytime blogger changes it becomes a test of our patience doesn't it? Great pics, your rock crawling, and hurray for littles!

  4. Oh dear blogger seems to be doing different things to different people at different times!! Your menu looks great, wonderful to go rock climbing with your family members, happy birthday to your little cute.

  5. Oh yes computers can be frustrating. Especially for folk like me who isn't tech savvy..
    Those rocks look dauting to me..
    Gorgeous wee birthday girl.

  6. I am experiencing the same problem with not getting the emails. What is happening at out there in blogging land????? You are doing well with your rock climbing and happy birthday to the birday girl.

  7. what a lovely list... rock climbing seems very scwarey to me

  8. That's a very happy list of things for the week. I bet you appreciate being able to celebrate family birthdays again.

  9. I just have to say..You went rock climbing! As someone afraid of heights, I think that is a remarkable thing to do. Kudos to you. Also how wonderful to see all the grand kids. And be there for a birthday too. That's the best!

  10. Definitively some fun "I likes" this week. Blogger has been a challenge the last few months. Hope you get the comment thing worked out soon. That's just so frustrating.


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