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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Secret Project Work, 15 Min, To Do Tuesday

I was really hoping to have something to post today, but secret sewing makes that difficult.  I also started school yesterday and feel SO TIRED!

In order to provide you with a little better eye candy today, here is a pattern I purchased this summer that I am excited about:  We Wisk You a Merry Christmas by Kimberbell.

This Christmas cutie reminds me that Santa is still lonely.  I have not made a Mrs. Santa to join him yet.

How about I show you a teaser of what I cannot show you?  I have piled up snippets of the "It's a Garden Party" Row Along which will release in early September.  A free row pattern will release twice a week.  I am trying to make many of the designers rows.  Here is what I've got to tease you with!

15 Minutes to Stitch Report:

To Do Tuesday Report:

Last week:

1.  Do some machine quilting on Trail Mix ✔
2.  Complete Lantern Row in my Row Along quilt 
3.  Complete Bath Row in my Row Along Quilt- nope

4. More glue basting in Diamond Hill 

This week's goals:

1.  Do some more machine quilting on Trail Mix
2. Complete Bath Row in my Row Along Quilt
3. Finish Glue Basting Diamond Hill

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  1. All fun designs! Good luck on your goals, I need to finish quilting my August project! There's still quite a bit to finish. Maybe I should stop reading blogs?

  2. Good afternoon! Oh gosh, I hope back to school is going okay. I've been exhausted since the impending start of our school. Intake meetings start tomorrow with students returning on Monday. Just be kind to yourself and get some extra sleep. It's stressful and a rather anxious situation which doesn't make for good sleeping. {{Hugs} What pretty colors in your Christmas project and I love the sentiment. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Each year I host a quilt show at church during our festival. last year someone gave the quilt you are going to start. It's darling and someone walked by, looked at it and looked at it and said, "I'd pay MONEY for that quilt!" I think she meant big money!

  4. You are working on some lovely stitching pretties. That Santa is a sweet fellow. Thinking of you as you start school again in these worrying times.

  5. lots of lovely projects . Good luck with the goals you set.

  6. That will be a fun Christmas quilt. You are a tease with the row quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’m sure you will get to Mrs Claus soon. How did the start of school go?

  7. That's a very cute new pattern. Does it motivate you to finish a few things before you start something new? You did well on checking off things from the to do list and getting in some good stitching time. Hopefully school being back in session doesn't slow you down too much. It is a lot more tiring going to work these days, with all the extra precautions and just the added stress of it all. Hope you get in lots of sanity stitching time.

  8. Love the twins! Really cute Christmas pattern.

  9. very intriguing row quilt about to happen.

    Great news on the twins.

  10. Santa is very cute. You are teasing with snippets of your row quilt. You will get back into the swing of things and get some sewing in every day.

  11. Looking forward to a reveal, not the tease


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