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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Paradise - photo overload!

My husband and I had a great weekend getaway at Tavaputs Ranch.  It is a real cattle ranch located on a beautiful mountain.  They gave us a fabulous tour of Ancient Indian Art and told fabulous family stories about their ranch.  I loved it!  The best part was that I discovered they host quilt retreats there!  I might have to get in on that next year if Covid settles down.

We rode ATV's into the ranch on a private road.  This place is so remote that there is no public access at all.  For quilt retreats, the owners drive you and your sewing stuff in with trucks.

The main house is so beautiful with lots of rooms to stay in.  The ranch provides all the meals - home cooked right in here.

You are literally on top of a mountain!

Tavaputs means "Sunrise" in the Ute Indian language.  Can you imagine waking up to this view at Sunrise?

This was our cabin.

All the rock was found on from the ranch.  I love that they even made a driveway out of them.

I loved this door!

They took us on a tour of Range Creek.  It is an amazing archeological site with nearly 1,000 sites of ruins, granaries, and art.

There are also old cabins where families used to dwell.

It is amazing what a little water and TLC can do to a desert area!

These boys were on our tour.   They loved the water.  Just look at the view!


  1. Wow what a beautiful place and the views are spectacular!! A quilt retreat there would be amazing!!

  2. Wow! Beautiful views. Hope you got in lots and lots of relaxation along with the tours.

  3. It sure looks very remote, and the views are amazing. If you go on a quilt retreat, you would need to take everything you need, as a quick trip to the patchwork shop might be a loooong way to go!

  4. What a special place to visit. The perfect place for a quilt retreat.

  5. Such an amazing place to have visited and I do hope you get to go to retreat there one day next year..

  6. Thank you for taking us along on your trip!

  7. Oh i'm so going on that retreat with you there it looks such a beautiful place.......


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