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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

15 Min to stitch report and a complete finish!

15 Minutes to Stitch Report:

I did get my binding and quilting finished at last!  Princess Stars is also my One Monthly Goal for May.  I practiced with some of my new rulers I purchased a year ago.  This endeavor easily reminded me that it is never a good idea to use a design that repeatedly meets in the center of a bulky pinwheel.  The quilting looks "ok" but is so very imperfect.  There was also a learning curve with the clamshell filler ruler.  Getting it to line up properly did not get better until the end.  It's ok though,  I think it looks well enough.  I need more practice making a pattern fit the space.

Pieced back...

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What I am reading (well, listening to):

Last month I read a book recommended to me by my grandmother who is in an assisted living home.  It is called "Insights from a Prophet's Life" by Sheri Dew.  It was amazing!  I could hardly put it down.  I gained an even greater respect for Russell M. Nelson than I had ever before.  Sheri Dew is close friends with his second wife, and has had great, close to home, experiences with and knowledge of President Nelson.  The things he accomplished in his life were so amazing from inventing the heart/lung machine, to surgeon, to father, to apostle, to prophet.  I was also inspired by the way he takes care of himself; he is a very healthy and active man in his upper 90s who actually snow skied into his early 90s.  The way he treats and loves people is what really stood out to me above all of his accomplishments.  I loved the book so much that I downloaded another book she wrote about Gordon B. Hinckley. 

I also read my local book club pick: "Harris and Me" by Gary Paulsen.  It was a short, easy, funny read about a city boy who is fostered into a country cousin's home.  I don't know how those two boys survived the summer on the farm!

I also read "The Gospel at 30,000 feet" by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  It was an excellent and inspiring read but not as riveting as the one about Russell Nelson.  I did like that Dieter himself was the reader.  I love to hear him speak!  Many of the stories he shared about his amazing life I had heard before.  He is German and lived through World War II as a small boy and became a pilot and later an apostle.  His story strengthens my own.  I kept a notebook close by to record inspiration while listening.

I am now reading two books:

May's book club pick:  "A Man Called Ove".  
I am LOVING this book so far - halfway through in just a couple of days!!!  It makes me laugh out loud at the way he thinks, the events that unfold in his life, and the people that rudely interrupt his life.


Go Forward with Faith:  The biography of Gordon B. Hinckley.  While I have only barely started this book, I am eager to indulge myself in this amazing man's life.  I love and miss him SO MUCH!


  1. From the photos, the quilting looks great.

    I’ll bet your daughter is pretty bored being all wired up and confined like that. It’ll all be worth it to get healthy babies.

  2. Congrats on a very pretty finish! The quilting looks great. As long as she is happy with it, the quilt police really, really don't matter.

  3. It is just lovely. Has such a vintage feeling. I think the quilting is wonderful, I need to up my quilting game and try new things!


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