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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Border Changes, To Do Tuesday, and PHD

Border Changes:

Yesterday I posted one of my Barnyard quilt borders (I have 3 Barnyard quilts in progress).   The more I studied it, the more I didn't love it!  I kept comparing the photo without the border to the photo with the border.  

With Border...It is just too dark for me.

I am keeping this one without a border and will continue to audition other colors to frame it in.

I decided to try that border on my sister Barnyard quilt instead and was pleased!  So...I am using the borders for this one instead.  I am so much happier with this plan!

To Do Tuesday Report from last week:

1.  Design my row for "It's A Garden Party" rowalong - ✔ I want to add a few finising touches but am counting it as checked

2.  Assemble a back for my Princess Stars -  ✔ I am counting this one because I prepared backs for two other quilts instead of this one.  

3. Make the binding for Princess Stars
4. Make a binding for my barnyard quilts ✔ Yes, I made a binding for all three, and yes, I have 10 bindings ready for 10 different quilts in this photo.

This weeks Goals:

1.  Prepare backing and binding for Princess Stars
2.  Baste Princess Stars
3.  Begin quilting Princess Stars
4.  Assemble all column sashing for Arizona.  Here is what I have done so far.

PHD Update

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  1. I agree, but it looks really nice on the second quilt. Maybe a lighter color on the first one???

  2. Good morning! Oooh, those bindings all nice and neat waiting to be used look for fab. I see what you mean about the border. I wonder if it is because the backgrounds are different - like the cow has a darker background on the one you used the border on. Anyway, I agree! Thanks for linking up. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I’ll bet a stripe or larger polka dot print in coordinating colors would look great on your barnyard quilt. I agree that the darkish blue fabric is better on the other quilt.

  4. Those are adorable barn yard quilts! Have you thought of red for a border as in barn? Your bindings are so neat! I store my not-so-neat bindings in a box. That way when I'm ready for them, I know where they are, otherwise I might lose them!

  5. Best of luck finding a border fabric that works. It looks great with the 2nd one!! I think it threw the balance off on that first Barnyard quilt (with the blue and green blocks right by the blue/green border.) Super cute quilts!

  6. It's such a fun quilt with lots to look at, and the border fabric is a perfect choice.


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