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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

15 Minutes to Stitch and To Do Tuesday

Below is my progress report for To Do Tuesday:
  • Make a few Feathered Goose Blocks - Does making 1/3 of two blocks count?  This project will be so pretty, but I have not enjoyed this super large paper piecing.  There is too much to hang onto.  I will keep plugging away at it anyway.  

  • Finish machine applique' on my black Round Robin - Nope       I need to get out my Bernina to do the blanket stitch.  My Juki does only a straight stitch.  I did finish the last pieced block though.

  • Quilt my pink & green bag.  Yes!  I went above and beyond on this goal.  It is quilted and even cut out!

  • Cut out my next Alaska block - Nope.  I cannot find the pattern, but I did do a fabric pull.

It will be a deer that goes with these blocks.

  • Piece a little bit of Rapunzel - Yes!  She is completely pieced.  There will be some embroidery later though!

  • Bind Periwinkle - Nope.  I didn't go to my daughters as planned, so I think I'll save this for when I do.  It is a nice sewing project where you don't have to haul your machine.
  • Plan my Christmas Tree row for my Christmas quilt - Nope.  I decided to plan a few princess blocks instead.  These are my fabric pulls for some of them.

These are the things I have already worked on in January to help earn my PHD.  I have not started any new projects.

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To Do Tuesday

I have a few things I hope to work on this week for To Do Tuesday:

  1. Yellow corners on a few of my Feathered Goose blocks
  2. Finish Black RR blanket stitch applique'
  3. Cut Alaska
  4. Finish Buggy Barn Stars
  5. Clean and organize new quilt cabinet
  6. Label pantry and sewing room
  7. Bind one side of Periwinkle
  8. Begin quilting baby grand's truck quilt


  1. They are all bigproject quilts. Keep up the industrious work.

  2. Yay, 100%! All these blocks are beautiful. The walrus is especially appealing!

  3. You had an ambitious list and you checked off a fair amount. Those Disney princess blocks are pretty amazing. I don't think I could do very many at a time, those take some fine attention to detail. Thanks for joining in with the 15 minutes to stitch last week. Hope this week is just as good.

  4. Good Morning! Wow, the Feathered Goose block is going to be so darn pretty. Those yellow fabrics all play so nicely together and those cute little daisies are a fun addition. The red star in the center of the heart-shape looks fun, too. Of course, I am enthralled with the princesses. I am have to expand beyond Belle once I get that far especially for Cinderella . . . and Snow White . . . and Elsa and Anna. Geez. Your fabric pulls look spot on! Thanks so much for linking up this week, and good luck with your list for the week. Oh boy - I need to make a truck quilt myself. I suppose you'll be sharing more inspiration with me! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Wow you have so much going on!
    Love the periwinkle project.

  6. I’m intrigued with your Feathered Goose block. I’ve never seen it before. Is it your pattern? I’ve made a couple large-scale paper-pieced projects, and they can absolutely be extra challenging. I also love your North Star blocks. I have the pattern and may make a small quilt this Christmas using four of the animals. Have a great day, Mary.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Wow, you have a lot of good quilts on the go! I love Periwinkle, stunning!


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