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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Join the 2019 Create Your Own BOM!

There are several quilts I wish to make this coming year, so I decided to do them as Blocks of the Month.  Below is a list of the BOMs I have created for myself.  Feel free to join in with your own BOM or get the patterns and join me on one or more of mine.  Some of my BOMs will go all year while others will not.

I will host a twice a month linky party in 2019 where we can report on our Block of the Month progress.  It will be fun!

If you wish to join, please write a blog post or instagram post sharing your BOM plans and link it here. It can be an existing BOM you are participating in or one you have created for yourself.  Who knows, perhaps someone will want to join a BOM you are doing.

My Blocks of the Month list is below:

1. Free New York Beauty patterns- The goal is to make one block a week to get all 52 blocks done- I will not completely assemble and finish the quilt top in 2019, but all of these paper pieced blocks should get done.  

I am making this with my dear friend/cousin.  We have been collecting fabric and studying a variety of New York Beauty layouts for many many years.  This is the layout we have both settled on.  She is doing a variety of bright batiks.  Mine is greys, tans, reds, and white.

The patterns we are using are online and free.  We are doing the 8" block size.  We discovered that you can interchange the rings within patterns from the individual sites for a very large variety of options.  We plan to not duplicate any patterns.

Quilters Corner Club

Here is a link to Marion's NYB blocks.  I just discovered them online.  The sky is the limit with these fun paper pieced blocks.

I have one done.

2. Feathered Goose - I would need to make 3 blocks a month to get all 36 blocks done, but that is likely more than I am able- I will not have a complete quilt finish (quilted and bound) in 2019.  I am making it with a friend that I suspect will make it at a slower pace which suits me because I have too many BOMs going. 

It is a Judy Niemeyer paper pieced pattern.  Mine will be in the primary colors:  yellow, red, and blue. 

I think this pattern has been discontinued. 

3. Disney Princesses - make 1 block a month.  My daughter is making one with me as well.  I hope we can keep each other going.  

I will not have a complete finish (quilted and bound) in 2019.  This pattern is free online by Michelle Thompson.  Her patterns are amazing!  I want to make this for my grand daughters to cuddle in when they come to visit.  There are 13 princess blocks and then the castle.  This quilt top will roll into 2020.

I will maybe substitute Muana for the Princess and the Frog.  There are others to choose from as well.  I also like Megera from Hercules and Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The free patterns

4. Christmas Row Quilt - make 1 row a month - about 10 months to complete the top.  I plan to finish this one in 2019.  
I am making this from a variety of Christmas patterns I have in the house.  Basically, I purchased patterns over the years from a variety of sources that I plan to put together into one quilt.  Below is a poor quality visual of what I am aiming for.  I may change my mind on a row if I find something better throughout the year.

One row is of embroidery ginger bread houses from Crab Apple Hill Designs that will take a considerable amount of time to do.  I am only doing 3 houses and will do one per month.

I have this one started.

The truck bringing home the tree pattern is sold by Just Let Me Quilt and can be found at the link. It is a must have for me because my entire life we have gone and cut our own Christmas tree.  I will put a forest of trees along side the road in this row to give it a feel of being in the mountains.

Elfie Shoes row:  the pattern can be found at Quilts by Marney.  I am enlarging the blocks on a copy machine because they are 7.5 and I want them to be 10.

The Nutcracker block is so adorable that I just had to have it.  I will size the rows next to him to fit.

I love a pattern called Holiday Buddies by Made by Marney.  It has Mr. and Mrs. Santa.  I think they must be in my quilt as well.  They are 8" square 

The stockings in the picture are NOT the ones I am making.  I just put them there for a visual to lay out my quilt.  The pattern I am using is from One Sister designs a book called Still Crazy, but you can do any stocking pattern you like.  I have made the baskets and turkeys from this book for other quilts.  I love making her patterns because they are so much fun and care free!  They are a stack and slash sort of method where you trim the units after you sew them.

My first thought was to do Santa and his reindeer instead of Mr. and Mrs. Santa.  The Santa and Reindeer blocks are from One Sister Designs, a pattern  called Up on the Housetop.  I have already made the quilt with them in it and loved it.  I think I prefer the row with Mrs. Santa except for the part that they are paper pieced.  I am doing SO MUCH paper piecing in 2019 that I didn't want to do more.  
Here is what the  reindeer row would look like instead.  It requires losing the candy dresdon row.

5.  If you are a dog lover you might really like these Holiday Buddies from Made By Marney!  I want to make this for a friend, so I plan to make one block a month.

The Christmas patterns you could put into a row quilt are endless!  I found so many that it was hard to choose.

6.  2 Barnyard Quilts - make one animal a month - about 11 months.  I plan to finish in 2019.  A friend and I have begun to cut out some of the barnyard animals, but have not begun to stitch.  We plan to start in January.  I could not decide between two fabric collections, so I decided to just make them both.  I am in love with this barnyard quilt idea, so why not make two? The following is a bad picture of how I plan to lay out the quilts.  I can add a better picture in January when a real quilt top will be done.  I know someone who is getting this quilt in the spring.

I am using patterns from a few different Buggy Barn or One Sister design books that I own.  

  • The barns, cows, sheep, goats, stars, and chickens come from a book called Udderly Crazy from One Sister, Janet Rae Nesbitt.
  • The pigs come from Completely Crazy from One Sister.  I am elliminating the wings on them for this project.  I also shrunk the pattern because I wanted it to fit on a fat quarter sized piece.
  • The tall birds come from Crazy Favorite Things.  This pattern also has a cat and a dog in it that you can use.  The size fits too.  I am using a different cat and dog because I am doing it with a friend and she and I have the extra patterns for a different cat and dog that she prefers.
  • The dog comes from Crazy Dog Days.  This dog is very similar to the one listed above, but the pattern had to be shrinked down to fit on a fat quarter sized piece.  Somehow I think I have two of these patterns, so if someone wants one,  I would be happy to send it to you.
  • I am also adding a cat that comes from the Crazy Things We Do.  It will replace the windmill looking blocks which are in the Udderly Crazy pattern.  I like the cats in Crazy Favorite Things, but my friend prefers this cat.

7. Alaska Quilt - make one block a month - 9 blocks plus setting blocks for approximately 10 months.  I plan to finish in 2019.  A friend of mine has a son who just moved to Alaska.  She purchased fabric up there with dog sleds and wildlife on it that she wants to use in this quilt.  The quilt pattern is one she purchased there as well and has a variety of animals from Alaska on it.  I will try to update this page with a photo and information about the pattern.  I will be using my stash.

Please add your BOM plans to the linky list and take the time to visit others.  This one closes January 15th, but you can join any time throughout the year.

Inlinkz Link Party


  1. Oh my goodness, you have shared so many wonderful ideas, my head is spinning! I will have to think on this, because there are bound to be so many competing BOMs at the start of the year.

  2. What a great list for 2019. I love the ideas you have and the quilts you are going to watch. It's amazing what we can do when you break it down into little steps.

  3. Wow, you've got some great BOMs planned for 2019. The only BOM I have planned is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but I've yet to decide on a plan for that. Hmmm best get thinking on that one.

  4. Hi, thanks for putting a link to my blog. I can't believe how long it has taken me to finish the binding for my NYB quilt. I was determined to finish it this year. I used nine different designs for my quilt, but each block is different of course because of the fabric. It was great fun to do. I have now started a new quilt using fabric I bought in Alaska
    I love the colours you have chosen for your NYB
    Happy New Year.

  5. I would love to join in the fun. I am not as organized as you. It might take me a couple months to get organized. Will be keeping an eye on your progress.
    Kathleen Mary

  6. I am looking forward to doing this, thank you for thinking of it. You have some great projects to do this year.

  7. I've been pondering about this BOM and am excited to jump on board with my Lori Holt Picture Quilt. I already have the individual blocks in their own kits and the finishing kit!!!! A total win win!!

  8. This is a great idea. I am so glad that Elm Street Quilts linked to your site. If you do have an extra dog pattern, I would be interested. Please email me with how much you want for it. The Disney Princesses and dogs and cat Christmas runner also got added to my to do list. I am also doing the new fig tree sampler quilt and Lori Holt’s farm quilt this year. Thanks!

  9. This looks like fun, but if I do it, I can't link up because I won't accept 3rd party cookies. I like your choices, (and I like the dresden peppermints row) but I'm thinking, if you do all of those, you are going to be REALLY busy! =)

  10. I was very tired after reading your post! LOL That is a lot to accomplish for one year. Oh my! I am looking forward to seeing your progress. I didn't finish my OMG for September and need to finish my OMG for August! The August one is the Quilters Garden so I am sure I will finish that one I wish you the best quilting in 2019.

  11. I like the idea of creating my own Block of the Month. I have started New York Beauty blocks, but still need a few made to finish the quilt. By doing one a month it will get done by the end of 2019. Thanks for the ideas.


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