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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Report on my wonderful trip visiting family last week!

I have returned so refreshed from my visits with family this past week!  No one in my family lives close to me, so I have to road trip to see them.  In my travels I visited my parents, brother's family, and both of my sister's families.  I also visited a cousin and both of my daughters and grand babies.  I have one other brother, and I visited his wife and daughter last week.  

I also have some quilt progress to show.

Sliced Snow Globe is almost a Flimsy!  I plan to finish it today!

I helped my sister start a heart quilt.  I mostly just cut a little and pressed for her on the last morning I was there.  She is making this for her in-laws to tie and give to the next niece/nephew that gets married.   

She also inspired me so much with her bathroom remodel.  She took these oak cabinets that were a bit dated and put a gel stain on them.  I fell in love and plan to do the same to my bathrooms.  

I also made the bird blocks that go with my flowers. This is called Chicks in the Garden.  It is a crazy bright quilt, but I love it.  

I am a bit sad that the beaks don't show up.  I didn't do a good job of picking them.

While visiting my cousin, I fell in love with a quilt on her design wall and came straight home to rummage through my stash to make one for myself.  Below is her quilt and the fabric I found to make the main blocks with.  

The best part of coming home was to a finished house.  Our home had cream colored siding that had holes all over it due to a hale storm.  We have since done stucco and rock.  I just LOVE IT!  We are saving to remove and put on a new deck, so please look beyond the ugly deck for now.  The trim (facia) that goes next to the roof is not complete yet either.  

Can I just add that it is super stressful picking stucco colors and rock.  You just hope so much that it all matches and looks good when you are done.  In spite of my worries, I am more pleased with our choice that I ever imagined.  I LOVE IT!  It is also hard to decide where to put the rock.  Our house can be seen from three sides, so we felt we needed to do the front and sides but not the back with rock.  

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  1. It sounds like you had a nice trip. Your house does look great! Good choices.

    I love those little chicks and the hearts are super cute too.

    Happy Independence Day.

  2. love the quilt and your rocks and siding

  3. So many beautiful projects! The chicks and the hearts are my favorites. Your house is coming along quite nicely. It's always nice to give it a face lift, even if it took a hailstorm to start it. Hopefully you have insurance to cover the cost.

  4. Wow, your snow globe quilt is looking amazing! And the chickens are fabulous too. I went searching for the chicks in the garden pattern and apparently that book is a hot commodity. There was one listing on amazon for just under $2800 ! I hope to get the book, but not for that price!

  5. Wow... what are you going to put in the corners of your snow globe quilt. Your stack and whack keleidoscope fabric will be amazing and the rocks around your house looks really great. Busy times.

  6. Oh my goodness, I loved everything you showcased today!

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with family and that you are enjoying your summer break! Love your flowers and that a buggy barn pattern?


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