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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top done! Ready to quilt!

Gotta love Christmas break which means no school and time at home to sew.

My nephew is getting married the end of January, and while my sister already has four quilts ready for them, she wanted the bride to pick out her own colors.  My sister did the piecing and Mom did the hand applique'.  I finished the applique', set it together, and did borders.  I will begin quilting it tomorrow.

The first time I assembled it wrong like the picture below.

I fixed it so the diagonal goes all the way through the quilt.

I also got this one on the frames to baste.  It is small and should go pretty fast.  I am quilting it for my sister-in-law.

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  1. The applique is just beautiful. What a great quilt. Happy 2017.

  2. I like the star quilt. You always do lovely quilting so it will look beautiful...

  3. Such a lovely quilt and 10 times the blessings due to the new couple from the stitches of love added by each maker.

  4. Love the quilts. Both are so fun. I'm sure your Mom added lots of love stitches if she did all that applique.


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