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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Deana: Bee, myself, and I linkup

I am participating in Carla's "Bee, Myself, and I " this year.  She made several blocks for others last year and didn't get many made for herself, so she is hosting this.  She does not have a linky tool but will link my post to her blog post.  

For March I completed the following blocks for myself:

Sophie's Block Lotto March Pattern.  I am in LOVE with these blocks!

Periwinkle block - I made a whole row of them to enlarge my quilt and got it attached to the rest of the quilt.

I also made the rest of my "Sweet Cherry Orange" blocks and am ready to assemble the quilt.

See the other linkups at Granny Maud's Girl Blog.  She will post on April 1st.   Here is the official link-up post where you can see everyone's wonderful Bee, Myself, I progress.


Jo said...

How cool.
Love the sillhoutes

sophie said...

Everything looks like spring! Such fantastic color combinations in all the projects!

Anonymous said...

Love your Sweet Cherry Orange quilt! Beautiful warm colours!

Shauna said...

Wow those are all awesome, such wonderful colors!!!!

Granny Maud's Girl said...

'Several' is a nice way of saying 40+! :)
Your Sweet Cherry Orange quilt makes me want to start one in the same colours. It is lovely.

Moira said...

Wonderful blocks and great progress on your quilts!

SarahZ said...

So many adorable projects!I love pink and orange together, and your Sweet Cherry Orange is just the perfect balance of color and design!! Love it!