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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello 2016!

2016 I am ready!  What do I expect from you?  

Well, I expect to become an official empty nester as I send my youngest off somewhere on a church mission for two years.  Yes, it will be hard to let him go.

I expect to spend more time with my loving husband of 25 years, my parents, and my married kids.

I expect to survive my first year as a full-time junior high teacher.  I also hope to survive going back to school at my age.

But most of all, I EXPECT TO FINISH SOME QUILTS!  I have so many tops ready to quilt and a new sit down longarm Juki to do it.  


#1:  Quilt 2 for mom, 1 for Brielle, 1 for Joann, 2 for Becky, and lots for me.  Yes, I need to get busy.  Those quilts are ready and waiting for the needle.

#2:  Newfo's:  What are they?  They are new projects you PLAN to start.  Well, I've got a few:  

  • (1) stashbee 2016
  • (2&3) family round robin - two for 2016 with one of them being a mystery this time.
  • (4) New York Beauty with my dear friend Marie
  • (5) Priceless Quilter's Christmas Swap

#3:  Applique' project for Mom's horse quilt.  We did some  trading and I am due to pay up.

#4:  Finish all the blocks in my Dear Jane Quilt.  I need about 38ish more.  I am not adding the border blocks to this year's goals.  That is only about three blocks a month.

#5:  UFO's - tops only
I am going easy on UFO's this year because I want to get tops quilted instead.  I would like to finish up just a few though:

Christmas Log Cabin Quilt

Block Lotto November Winnings

One quilt from my "Very Difficult" list

  • Quilted Barns
  • Sliced Quilt Challenge

Well, that should be more than enough to keep me busy.


  1. Oh my... I am exhausted already. That is a lot planned. Keep up the high spirits and you will get there. Good for you...

  2. a good start to the year!I liked Christmas Log Cabin Quilt

  3. So many beautiful quilts! I can't help but be drawn to your Dear Jane as I have just pulled mine out after a two year rest to finish the triangle blocks. If this is your first year teaching, then you will be lucky to find sewing time at all. It can be busy, oh so busy. Best of luck with all your plans.

  4. Don't worry...full time will help with the empty nest....Looking forward to your wonderful projects in 2016.

  5. Yep. MORE than enough to keep you busy! :)


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