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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Deana: Free QALs coming in July

July will be here before you know it and with it comes some new free QALs.  You can do one or all, or just follow along.

First off is my new Fort Worth Fabric Studio QAL.  It does not have a name yet so I am open to ideas.  I would LOVE to hear your suggestions - just leave me a comment.

This quilt will be a 5 month FREE QAL that will launch from Fort Worth Fabric Studio's blog.  The fabric is expected to arrive in early July and then I will need time to make the quilt top.  I am estimating this QAL will launch either the end of July or early August.  Please check back later for details.

This quilt is 87" x 94" (Queen).  There are NO CURVES although it may look like there are.  Most of the piecing is simple rotary methods and strip sewing, but there is a small amount of paper piecing.

A few weeks back I presented my three finished row quilts to blog quilters for votes on which one they wanted to do.  It was a near even split between the three, but the Spring Row Quilt won over the Americana quilt by only one vote.  The Autumn Quilt was very close behind.  So, blogland, you have chosen Spring and Americana.  I will be offering both.  

Spring Row Quilt AND Americana Row Quilt

On July 1st I will launch the free Spring Row Quilt QAL and free Americana Row Quilt QAL.  The Spring quilt will go for 7 months while the Americana Quilt will run for 8 months.

Please specify which quilt you are participating in or both.  If you do both, you will be required to make one block for EACH quilt each month, otherwise, just make one block for the row quilt you are participating in.


1.  Participants will be required to make at least one block from the pattern each month.

2.  Participants will need to post a picture of the finished block to my DODmystery blog OR email me a picture to post.

3.  If a block is made by midnight the last day of the month, the participant will get the next month's pattern for free.  If not, they will have an unfinished quilt or will have to purchase the pattern in my Craftsy or Etsy shop.  All patterns will be emailed in pdf format.

4.  Late comers will be welcome, but they will have to purchase any patterns they have missed.  The pattern is free ONLY for the month it is hosted.

SPECIAL NOTE:  I reserve the right to change some of the rows from the photos shown.  Some rows may be replaced with patterns that I feel are cuter or simpler to make.  There are a couple that need some improvements.

Don't care for row quilts?  That is ok.  You are only required to make the month's block.  You can do anything with it you wish.

That's it!  This time we are not swapping, so make your quilt any colors you want.

Spring Row Quilt

Americana Row Quilt

If you previously left a comment stating you want to participate, I will send you an email inquiring as to which quilt (or both) you want to make.  If you are a no-reply blogger, please leave a comment with your email address.


  1. I would like to participate in the Americana Row Quilt QA. Thanks!

  2. Love the QAL with Fort Worth, thought of a cute name but I have forgotten it, that's what happens when I get pulled into a meeting mid-sentence. Another name came to me "Twirl-i-fic". I will be watching for this one to do.

  3. I would like to participate in the Spring QAL. So excited!!


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